the 13 families

I’ve done alot of reading and I have found this list of 13 families whom supposedly control the world and are bent on creating a one world gov’t has anyone else heard of this and how true is it?

What list? Links please. Sounds like an offshoot of Illuminati stuff.

Could be Illuminati, the Bildbergers, the 700 club - who knows? It’s all rubbish, obviously.

And if these 13 families already control the world, why would they need a one-world government?

Am I on the list? Cause I haven’t been checking my emails and I don’t want to miss out.

Would you please tell us what the library tag on the book says? If it has a capital F above the author’s name, then it’s fiction.

BTW, it’s “…who supposedly control…”

We’re supposed to pretend it doesn’t exist. shhh

I’ve heard of this list. It floats around in the conspiracy world. If you want to read about it, here you go.

thanks for all the great replies i can see why people come here for answers to all of life’s questions. Monty thanks for the grammer lesson i’ll let my old college prof know you’re keeping me in line. Hasn’t anyone else looked into this??? Like done some actual research?? I’ve looked up the Rothschild’s and they own and run the world bank and I’ve seen it written that they also control ,through other banks, a 53% holding of the US Federal reserve. And I loved the F is for fiction comment really intelligent to respond with useless comments it really shows your intellignece. How about trying to help by offering information on whether or not this is true. Goof.

I seriously doubt the Rotschilds actually own the world bank.

My comment was about your apparent consideration of obvious fiction to be reliable evidence. My telling you that the book is fiction is my telling you that it’s not true.

BTW, personal insults aren’t permitted outside the Pit. How’s that for helpful?

More help: levity is sometimes used to gently point something out.

Sorry about the insult. I guess your complete lack of knowledge or willingness to help out just kind bothered me. I just assumed that would be able to back up your comments but I guess I’m wrong…like I said I guess I came to the wrong place for help. All i’m saying is why don’t you stop saying comments that are no help. if you think its fiction then help me prove it. Why don’t you start by looking into what the Rothschild are in control of and then you can make a comment.

More help: It’s Rothschild not Rotschild

This is factually incorrect. You seem to have no idea what the World Bank actually is. It’s certainly not “owned” by an individual.

You do not seem to have any idea of what the Federal Reserve is, either

Inteesting how the OP fixates on the Rothschields.

Those Rochschelds make nice wine though :wink:

This may be what he’s talking about. It’s part of the aluminiumfoliekappe thesis.

Illuminati Defector Details Conspiracy Plans

Let’s try that link again

Illuminati Defector Details Conspiracy Plans