Plus-size party dress?

I’m a plus-size girl and I’m looking for a classy party dress for a couple of wedding this summer. Also, I would like to be able to wear it when I go on my own honeymoon this winter. (I’m going to New York and need a nice dress!) I want something that’s classy, flattering and doesn’t look like a) a prom dress or b) a mother-of-the-bride dress.

Does any one know where to find such dresses? And somewhere that’s affordable? I’ve tried Deb, but all their dresses are suited for high schoolers… I’m 26… I need something more classy than that.

Ann Taylor “wedding and event” line goes to 18 and runs large. The only problem is, their color palette is very limited.

This is a flattering style for many body types:

Have you thought of something semi-custom from They go to 28. No personal experience but some ladies on my wedding website used it and were pleased with the results.

Cherished Woman

Good luck!

Believe it or not, JCPenney has some nice choices online.

I’m 42, and I like Dress Barn Woman, Avenue, and Catherine’s. Any of those in your area?

Also, please stop looking like me when I read the boards. :smiley:

I bought my last “nice” dress at either Belk or Macy’s last summer. Niether is a place I usually shop, but I lucked out and found a great knee length black dress with a jewelled neckline for about $60. I am a plus size girl too and I feel your pain on trying to find something that doesn’t look like either your Grandmother or your fourteen year old sister should be wearing it.

Another good place to try is Ross, if they have a location in your area. Lots of plus size dresses for very good prices.

I’m not a dress-up sort of girl, but would it be possible for a dress to be suitable for summer and winter? I think you’ll need two dresses.

Sorry, I have no idea where to go.


I did well at Dress Barn last time I needed a dress. I’ve also done well at Penny’s (both have been mentioned).

I like Lane Bryant (the store not the catalog) for nice-looking clothes, but I’ve never found a dress I like there. But that doesn’t mean I don’t try - their styles change all the time.

Depending on how young you are (or dress), there’s Torrid.

They have some cute stuff there, or at least the things my wife has bought from them have looked good. Better than Lane Bryant anyway!

Depending on the dress… If I bought something sleeveless with a matching jacket, I could wear it without the jacket in the summer and with in the winter. As far as length, I’m not the type (or shape) to wear anything too short (summer) that I couldn’t wear it in the winter. Even it it doesn’t come with a matching jacket, a simple, elegant wrap makes it a winter dress. As far as color, I’m looking for something in a simple color (silver, black, etc.) that doesn’t make it a seasonal dress. I figure, I’m going to spend between $50 and $100 for the dress… if I’m spending that kind of dough, it better be a dress I can wear again!

I like Lane Bryant, too, but their clothes aren’t all that durable and they’re pretty expensive. I did get a nice semi-formal dress there last year.

I second Dress Barn. Their styles tend to be more classic, they’re not all that expensive, and their clothes tend to last.

OneStopPlus has some nice stuff.

I’ve gotten a few things from Ulla Popken. They’re a bit on the trendy side, more European than American, and a bit on the pricey side as well–however, the clothing that I’ve gotten has been well made and durable so worth the extra cost.

I’ve enjoyed looking at some of the sites suggested in this thread! :slight_smile: Thanks!

I like:

Lane Bryant
Forever21 (click on the Faith 21 link on the website)

You can get some really pretty stuff from IGIGI. They’re definitely more on the expensive side, but they’re nice. I have a wrap dress from there that I love to pieces, even though I’m really not a dress person. And even though their clothes are more expensive, they have good sales on relatively often – there’s a big clearance sale going on at the moment.

jumps up and down excitedly

Let me show you my favorite recent discovery: EShakti. Tons of cute stuff AND you can get everything custom fit for $10! Included in the tailoring, you can change the sleeves, length, and neckline.

I have no idea your style or the styles of the weddings, but hrm:

Cute! I would probably make the sleeves 3/4 length, then have the skirt hemmed short. I’d pair this with some cute, platform black pumps.

Not totally my style, but cute.

If you are an hour glass, this one could be adorable.

This one would be cuter shorter, but I like the general style.

Also adorable.

If you’re top heavy, this one would create a nice balance.

Also nice.

More classic and simple, still cute!

Modern and cute!

Also a little more conservative, but still very nice.

What I like about their stuff is that you can customize it. I think it’s lame that as a mid-twenties fat girl, I’m expected to wear either caftans or a $70 dress made as cheaply and poorly ut as possible from Torrid. Eff that noise :).

Oh I also love Macy’s online plus section (the local store is nothing but a bunch of frumpy junk):

Simple, clean, but still adorable.

I’d wear it a lot like the girl in this picture- crazy bright shoes!



And Faith 21 was mentioned: just be careful, it is JUNIOR plus sizing. Though I’ve heard that the stretchy dresses in 2x will easily fit a sized 20-22.

Very springy.

I like the blue!

They…they…they…THEY’RE USING PLUS SIZE MODELS! Didn’t they get the memo that says that plus size models don’t sell as many clothes? I’m going to have to rethink my decision to avoid Macy’s.

They’re Canadian, but I believe they ship to the US.

MXM (although this tends to be more club wear)

(I used to manage an Addition-Elle)

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