Pluto has fleas... UFOs, that is

This was such a wonderful piece of sillywoo I had to pass it along. It followed in the chain after watching the new NASA simulated flyover of Pluto, assembled from the incoming high-res images.

If it takes you ten seconds to identify the first “UFO,” back to astrophotography 101 for you. More sophisticated skywatchers will be able to guess in advance, from the description.

Annnnnddd thheeeee muuuuuuuusssic. Toooooo.

OK, I give. I don’t know anything about astrophotography, so I’ll guess that the photo is some kind of time-lapse thing and that the “cigar shaped UFO” is recording the movement of something in the background, like a star or something.

It’s pretty clearly four stars of sufficient brightness to leave streaks over the course of the exposure, which was kept focused on the planet and thus produced apparent movement in the void.

Note that there are no other stars in the image. Just these three bright ones and a slightly fainter one (the “reflection.”)

That they’re all parallel and the same length should have clued Mr. Mysterious.

I really appreciated the fuzzy grainy close up of the ginormous cosmo-cigars. I wasn’t sure what they were until they started to look like the familiar UFO pics I grew up with. Now I’m convinced.

Nope. That just proves they’re all ships of the same class and traveling in a battle formation. :eek::smack:

I think they are gang stalking Pluto. It is a TP you know (Targeted Planet).

Pluto being designated an authorized weapons test range, and all. (That’s the real reason why Pluto lost it’s planet status.)

That’s just Goofy.