PMS Morning sickness? (it's a chick thing...TMI)

So I think I experianced morning sickness for the first time today. Which would have been quite worrisome, had I also not started my period yetserday. I woke up, feeling cranky, crampy and generally miserable. So all in all, a fairly normal PMS attack.

By the time I got to work at the resturant I work at, the smell of the soup I serve was making the situation downright dangerous. I ate some saltines, and felt a little better. By 2:00, I was fine.

Then again, I could just have a stomach bug. I had an appetite, but felt extremely nauseous. By afternoon, I was completely fine, and ate like a pig.

So, my uterine-blessed Dopettes, as anyone ever experianced anything like this? I have been extra hormonal of late, insomnia, etc. So I guess it sorta makes sense. I’m not on birth control (how’s that for giving up hope?) at the moment, so no possible interactions there. Oy. Or how about wierd PMS stories to make me feel like less of a chocolate craving maniac?

I have had morning sickness since I hit puberty. It’s actually been better the last year or two.

It is quite usual for me to have morning sickness on the first day of my period. I asked my doctor about it, and she said not to worry.

Am I missing something?

Do you have a boyfriend?

I have morning sickness a lot, strange thing too what with me not having a uterus and all. I drink a lot though so I can attempt some decent comedy online.

This isn’t very humorous, going for a drink now…

Swimming, try sleeping with the head of your bed up about six inches higher then the foot of the bed. Don’t just use pillows to prop up your head, you want the torso at an angle. I used to suffer the same thing as you, and it turned out that I had a mild case of GERDs, controlible for the most part by sleeping that way. If it goes away after you do that, is a strong indication that is your problem.

Probably not. You’re usually pretty with it.


Boyfriend? No. Random “friends” with whom I am “friendly” with? Yes.

I feel much better knowing that I’m not suffering from a phantom preganacy, and that other Doperettes get the morning queasies, too. I was fine yesterday morning and today, so lets hope this is a one time wierdness. I can’t afford to get ill during lunch rush once a month. Feh.

I’ll try the torso-angle thing, Narile. It’s possible, I usually sleep all balled up in horrific positions.

Yep, that’s happened to me too, Swiddles. Haven’t had the nausea in a while, but it use to happen on a fairly regular basis. My PMS symptoms have been changing as I get older, which my gynecologist assures me is quite normal. Maybe that’s what’s happening with you. :slight_smile:

I get it every month, about a day before I start. This comes a day or two after the raging headache, and about three days before my skin explodes.
And lucky me, I just realized I have been having sympathy PMS for my 12 year old daughter, who just started three months ago.
At least now I have someone to cry and eat chocolate with…at least on the days that the smell of chocolate doesn’t make me hurl, thankfully about 27 days of the month.

Yep, I am often nauseated in the morning, and most definiately not pregnant. I generally don’t eat until I have been up a couple of hours. I find it’s a little better if I have a snack before bedtime. Speaking of which, I’m going to make some hot cocoa now…