When does morning sickness start?

OK, I woke up this morning with the most horrible stomach ache ever. After about an hour or so, I could control the queasiness no longer, and well…I got sick. Sick sick sick sick sick. About 10 mins after that, I felt much better.
I am not one to throw up. Never happens. I didn’t eat anything weird, and what I did eat, my husband did too. He’s fine. The only little tiny thing that’s different is the fact that I went off the Pill about 2 months ago. I didn’t mean too, but my Rx ran out, and I didn’t have a doctor in this city yet…blah blah blah.
If I am pregnant, I would only be about 3 weeks, a month tops. Does morning sickness start this soon? (I really hope this isn’t morning sickness…I can not bear the thought of this happening every morning).

It can start * anytime! * Or never, which is what it was in my case. SOOO, go get the over the counter pregnancy test and tell us if we get to be aunts and uncles!!! :cool:

Anti, that is my plan for tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Mine was bad from two weeks after my missed period, until I was twelve weeks PG. During this six-week period of time, I learned that, at least in my case, eating tiny quantities of food fairly often kept my belly on a more even keel.

I don’t have a cite handy, but lately I’ve heard that morning (noon and night) sickness is a natural protective mechanism, to keep the mom from eating dangerous foodstuffs that could really harm a tiny embryo/fetus. In the days before refridgeration, one was bound to encounter spoiled meat, for example. Maybe that’s why PG women often hurl at the mere mention of meat. I know I did.

Once the fetus has developed all the major organs, morning sickness usually abates, and that’s when you start wanting to pig out!:slight_smile:

If you ARE PG, and feel really horrible in the morning, ask hubby to bring a glass of VERY cold water and a few crackers to you, and eat them BEFORE you get up out of bed. This seemed to help me a lot. Get as much extra sleep as you can, too. Good luck!

From what I’ve heard, morning sickness starts anytime in the first trimester and usually ends during the second. Just be sure to drink lots during the day because you lose a lot of fluid when you throw up and we would’t want you dehydrated would we? Well take the test and tell us, we’re breathlessly awaiting your results.


Since morning sickness is caused by progesterone poisoning, and your hormones start doing somersaults basically as soon as you get pregnant, the morning sickness can start any time (and end any time).

I had a friend once who would have such a bad case of morning sickness that as soon as she started turning green, her four-year-old daughter would come up with her sand pail and say, “Here, mommy.”!!

I second this suggestion. I didn’t need the water cold and just keep a glass of water and a pack of saltines on the bedside table.

Mrs Chance had it really bad for about 6 weeks (ever have to pull off by the side of a major highway so your wife and be sick? At least we got our money’s worth on tolls that day.) then it was gone for good.

I’ll back up the others though. Eat something right after you get up. Something small and easy. Saltines can be your best friend.

What everybody said was right, it can start any time in the first trimester and usually ends in the second. One thing that helped me was not to let myself get too hungry, I ate serveral small meals per day. Eating something light first thing in the morning really helped, too. If you are pregnant, don’t feel too bad if there are only a few things you can stomach. Ideally, you would eat a perfectly balanced diet, but what good is it if it’s all thrown up? Since you are most likely a well-nourished woman, both you and the baby should be fine with whatever you eat.
Best wishes! Don’t keep us hanging here. :slight_smile:

Mine started before I knew I was pregnant, when I was probably about 2 weeks after conception. I thought I had the flu, but I’d never heard of a flu that only makes you throw up once a day…

The saltines are definitely the trick, but I had to eat them before getting out of bed, even before sitting up. If I did that, I wouldn’t feel sick once I got up. The other advantage is, if you are going to be sick anyway, it’s less uncomfortable if there is actually something in your stomach, even if it is only a couple of crackers.

I still got sick from being on a bus, though. :slight_smile: Almost every morning.

Not to be snotty or anything, but my baby is 15 and I haven’t had morning sickness yet. Having said that in so public a forum, I expect to be bedridden for the next week.

Sometimes I crack me up… :slight_smile:

Well, the reason why pregnant women get morning sickness is because they are getting a lot of the chemical that tells your body it’s pregnant. I think it’s called progesterone.

…but I’m one of those rare women who never got morning sickness. I got queasy a few times with my son, and IIRC I actually did throw up once, but at the time, I was under a lot of stress (my father-in-law was dying of cancer). I’ve been pregnant five times, three full term, and other than the one puke, that was it.

I did find out what was making me queasy, though, and it wasn’t just regular morning sickness. It was the pre-natal vitamins. The doctor and the instructions said that they should be taken on an empty stomach. But I always felt nauseous after doing that. So, I started eating before I took them, and the nausea went away. When I told my doctor, she was okay with it. It’s not like I wasn’t going to more than make up for any vitamins that might not be absorbed properly, the way I was stuffing my face! Sheesh!

Usually, though, it does go away around the second trimester. It sometimes comes back during the third, though, which can really suck, because by that time you’re getting pretty big, and now you’ve got to bend over the toilet with that belly. I’ve seen this happen, to a couple of friends of mine.

Eating several small, light meals does help combat the sickness, as others have said, and the eating before you get up in the morning does, too. And regardless of what the books say, sometimes it is perfectly okay to cave to the cravings, as long as it’s not something like chalk or ashes. If you feel sick, but you’re positive that pickles smothered in hot fudge and topped with barbecue-flavored potato chips will make you feel better, and you’ve already tried the other, more common methods of combatting morning sickness, give that pickle a try. It just might do the trick. You don’t want to cave to every little craving, though (well, sure you want to, but you shouldn’t).

Keep us posted! :smiley:

Um… The morning?

[sub]Good luck, Twi![/sub]

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Never been preggers, so I have no experience with morning sickness, but ginger tea is wonderful for an upset stomach. Try leaving a cup of it (or a thermos if you really have to have your tea hot) and start sipping as soon as you wake up.

You can get ginger tea bags, but I like to make it from fresh ginger root. I think the party who introduced the extra DNA into your uterus should be the one who makes the tea, and brings it to you, along with the crackers.

Oh, and Satan, remind me to send Drain Bead a cast iron skillet as a wedding present. The card will read, “Congratulations, best wishes, and this is not for cooking.”

Man, I’m surprised even the Prince of Darkness is willing to live that dangerously.

Oh well…I took a test today and it came back negative, so I guess I’m not preggers.
Thanks for the advice everyone, I really do appreciate it.

Not to rain on the OTC pregnancy tests, Rose, but, be careful of the medicines you take anyway. * There are false negatives * and you may be needing another check soon. I sure hope so…I want so much to be a meddling auntie!!!


I’ll keep that in mind Aunti Pro :slight_smile:

Um…what do you say when somebody fails a pregnancy test? :wink:

And yes, a false negative is way more common than a false positive, but if you took the test with your first morning pee, it’s more accurate. Just so’s you know.

I hope you’re not sick, how are you feeling today?