PNW Dopers: see me in "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"

I will be appearing in Steve Martin’s play Picasso at the Lapin Agile, produced by Driftwood Players in Edmonds, starting tonight, 10-Feb, and running through Sunday 26-Feb.

Set in 1904, the play supposes a chance meeting in a Paris café between Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, both young men whose world-shaking work is just ahead of them. In 1905, Einstein would publish his Special Theory of Relativity, introducing possibly the most significant scientific concept of the 20th century; in 1907, Picasso would create Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, a painting of equal importance and influence in the world of art. The scientist and the artist discover to their surprise (and the amusement of the café’s regulars) that they have much more in common with each other than they expected.

The play is both smart and hilarious, as you’d expect from the pen of Steve Martin. Our cast is great (I’m playing Einstein), and our director is Eddie Levi Lee, well-known in the local theater scene. I’m very happy with the production; we just had our official preview last night, with our first audience, and they loved it. So now that I know it doesn’t suck, I can make an official announcement, instead of just mentioning it quietly to the Seattle trivia crew. :slight_smile:

Performance schedule, tickets, location, other info: here

General information about the play: here

About Les Demoiselles d’Avignon: here

About the Special Theory of Relativity: here

Very tasty recipe for butter chicken: here (doesn’t have anything to do with the play; I just really really like butter chicken)
I hope y’all can come see it. We’re really proud of how it’s turned out.

I don’t know. I don’t really see you in it.


Crap. Didn’t mean to hit submit then.

Anyone interested in a group Doper attendance? I propose a group trip on Saturday the 18th, assuming I can get a babysitter. I also nominate stargazer to coordinate it.

In a pinch, though, my email address is in my profile.

Almnost ten years ago I saw it at the Moore theater in Seattle. It was the touring company and it starred Paul Provenza as Picasso and Tony Shaloub as Einstein… or so I thought… years later I found my program and discovered that it wasn’t Shaloub but some actor who I had never heard of.

Ah, but the trick about nominating me is that I can’t go on the 18th. Have to work at 6:00am (!!!) and then have a friend’s birthday party that evening. If I stay awake, that is.

If we go on the 16th or 17th, though, I could do it, or on the 19th, or even this Sunday the 12th – though it’ll be tricky getting everyone coordinated that quickly. I could do closing weekend, as well.

Anyone else?

And does someone want to put a link to this in the trivia thread?

Note: there is no (public?) show on the 17th.

I nominate closing weekend, then – maximum prep time. Friday or Sunday (24th or 26th) would work best for me.

Love to come, but Mapquest bottom lines it for me:

Total Est. Time: 35 hours, 4 minutes Total Est. Distance: 2410.32 miles

Maybe when you go on tour.
Break a leg!

I saw a performance of it. Once. (For…however long it runs. :D)

It started out strong and funny, but I felt that it dropped off and became flat and disappointing. (It doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of the modern art movement except for surrealism, Salvador Dali especially.)

Ha. More like BC and WA Dopers. That’s a five hour drive from Salem, OR.

I’ll be there … in spirit.

I saw this in Chicago, a million years ago. It’s a decent play. And I’ve seen Cervaise perform, too: those of you who can make it, should definitely do so.

If I don’t manage to see this production, Cervaise, I expect you to break at least one leg in my honor.

Congratulations! Before I even opened up the thread, I was going to ask if you were Einstein. One of the school troupes did this one a few years ago, and it was indeed hilarious (I’m still kicking myself for not trying out).

I definitely want to see this, and it’ll be much better with a Doper group (if only because I should be able to cadge a ride from one of you).

I also think closing weekend is best. I’m not available the 18th (KCTS is producing one of it’s cooking shows, and I’ll be there to help out).

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to make it on closing weekend. As such, Lady Cheek and I will be going to tonight’s performance. Glad to see anyone else there.

You know what I love about that play? The way it fits exactly between the time the lights come up and the lights go down.

It looks like those of us who have been e-mailing each other about this have decided to go see the Friday production.

That’s tomorrow, for those of you possibly thrown off by the Monday holiday. What can I say: We’re obviously in a procrastination mode. It is not stargazer’s fault, as she did all she could to make us decide sooner.

If anyone not on the e-mail circle wants in, post here and we’ll include you in the plans.

Be sure to post links to your reviews. And then, let us know how it actually went.