Pocket Universes, or how Ayesha and I Learned to Time Travel in SD Chat

Okay, I’m sure that the trouble we had last night is probably just due to splits, but there was some weirdness going on for Ayesha and me last night in chat. Ayesha, if you happen to catch this, correct me if I’ve got anything wrong.

1)I’m assuming that the best evidence of a split is seeing a large chunk of people in the room signoff simultaneously. This happened to me twice last night. The first time, lovable, huggable Flyp was all by his lonesome after the Heartless Bastards that were in the room signed off mere seconds after I got on the channel. Or a split occurred; you take whichever explanation you like.
The second time, Ayesha and I were left by ourselves after the Heartless Bastards once again bailed on us. General hilarity ensued, but the Bastards eventually returned. Or another split, resolved more quickly; again, go with whichever reason you like.

2)While everyone else was gone, Ayesha and I were having no real problems with lag.

3)After everyone else got back, Ayesha and I still saw each other normally, but we were lagging for everyone else.

So what the hell is this? I could understand if Ayesha and I were lagging for each other, but it was almost as if we had our own little chat room, a chat annex, if you will.

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You weren’t supposed to tell !

You got it right, anyway. I had to try several connections before I was fineally able to catch up with everyone else.

BTW, did you ever get all the jelly out of/off of your verious body parts ? :wink:

Ayesha - Lioness

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I’d love to tell you both it was the split… but I’m thinking that the jelly fight was just too much fun Perhaps the two of you could really see us all, but with all that jelly flying, just missed our words. Hope you got it all off the keyboard Flypster! and Ayesha, you really should look into playing baseball… thats quite the arm you have :slight_smile:

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JELLY fight??? Damn, I knew I was missing something by being on the phone for 5 hours last night. (Broke my all time long-distance record…I do NOT want to see my phone bill.) Then again…the phone call was pretty nice too. :wink:

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It was a NAKKID jelly fight too, Falcon. See what you missed !

Sue, you scare me, we seem to think the same way about somethings. I think flypside arranged the whole thing so he could be alone with my lovely babygirl beautyness! And my jelly and poptarts of course.

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

The reason you weren’t lagged to each other is that you were on the same server… further evidenced by the fact that you split off together. Your server was lagged to the other servers, but within the server everyone would be normal.

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O p a l C a t

Awwww, Opal, tell’em the tied-together-rafts story. Or is that only for REALLY dumb people, like, say, me ?



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Ya know somebody’s gotta tell me how to do this chat thing!

I down loaded the mirc561t thingy. And have clicked the button on Opal’s thread. No luck.


::echoing in an empty room-oom-oom-oom::

Ayesha… there is definitely something to be said for us … gracefully maturing women :wink:

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

Thanks Opal. By the way, you have an exquisite taste in music, my dear. I only wish I weren’t chatting on a model POS 486 with a 14.4 (I told you guys, on the Information Superhighway, I’m driving a '73 Pinto) so I could listen to it. Maybe the computer will come before the guitar…

And Ayesha-my ears and eyes should be ungummed by now. Scones away!

Oh, and Lion-Ayesha was right; my comments in the Pit were meant for Numbnuts, not you.

Nothing like a bad decision
Says who you are.
-Gin Blossoms, “Perfectly Still”

No Problem,when I first read your post I had just woke up and the ol brain had not come up to speed yet.
On rereading that post this morning after I got off work I understood what you were saying.

What you need to do is after installing mIRC, connect to the web then start mIRC a window will popup where you will fill in some info about the nickname you wish to use and your e-mail address plus giving you a choice of servers to use,select a undernet server the logon and select #straightdope.

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