Pogo's Twelve Days of Crispness

Regarding your wonderful report on Walt Kelly’s “Twelve Days of Crispness”:

Straight Dope Staff Report on The Twelve Days of Crispness

I seem to remember a line somewhere about “A Parsnip in a Persiflage”. Anyone else remember this? Or am I maybe going senile?

Anyway, thanks for the great staff report!

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated! There’s still research to do here. As I mentioned, there are large gaps in the published works, and so far as I am aware, there’s no way to search what is published other than skimming through page by page.

I have a small collection of original Pogo books, not complete, but if you are missing a particular edition, Dex, let me know and I’ll see if I have it.

I told Dex that, by using Newspaperarchive, you can painstakingly read every Pogo strip ever published in US newspapers. You have to have access, and then you have to click on a specific mm/dd/yyyy and read the strip for that day in a newspaper of your choosing. The search engine at newspaperarchive is wonky, so you can’t always search for specific words/phrases, and expect to get accutate results. And, since Kelly spelled things rather wonky, you have to know what you’re searching for.

Back in 2007, Fantagraphics Books announced that they would be publishing a complete collection of every Pogo strip every published, and I’ve been waiting for it since I heard. Their website FAQ currently says:

So, dhaswkly, hopefully you’ll get a definitive answer sometime in the coming year.

Thanks, musicat, but I have all the books, including the 11 or so volumes of daily strips that Fantagraphics published a few years ago. Yes, The Weird One, I saw that announcement and have been eagerly awaiting. However, my guess it that this will be a many, many year project. I hope I can re-address this Staff Report at some future date.

Searching strip by strip (as per samclem) is more work than I feel up to right now. There’s, what, roughly 25 years to search, although presumably one would only need to search roughly mid-Nov to mid-Jan each year under the assumption that Christmas satires would occur in that eight-week period. Any volunteers? :slight_smile:

Aside to share a Pogo moment:

Back in the dark, dark days of Nixon it was. Woe.

Pogo was heartily lampooning the White House’s latest gambit into madness, which involved a special white uniform for White House guards, and Pogo delighted in depicting Spiro Agnew as a large, dour canine in the special uniform spouting jingoistic nonsense. This prompted a blistering letter to the editor in the local paper (Mpls. Star-Tribune), furiously assaulting the disrespect of caricaturing the Vice President as a dog.

A few days later a letter appeared from a zoology prof at the U of MN. In perfectly pedantic prose he sniffed disdainfully at the suggestion that Spiro Agnew had been depicted as a dog. Mr. Kelly was praised for his careful rendering, the snout and muzzle configuration was perfectly accurate, as well as the rendering of the ears and the spots, leaving no doubt to the educated eye that the animal in question was not, in fact, a dog, but a hyena.

I’m just crazy enough to do it. Not during the holidays, but starting in January. I should have your results for you to update the column next Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! Thanks, Sam.

Elucidator: HA! LOL!
Thanks for the laugh :stuck_out_tongue: