Poignant Jezebel article "When Can I Say I'll Be Alone Forever?"

This, 100%.

No, she doesn’t have to convince me of anything, but as long as she describes her life as “alone forever” people like me will be there to repeat the dinner party experience that she enjoyed so much.

She only has to convince us of something if she wants us to do something different.

I’ll see your MadTV sketch and counter with SNL’s Lower Your Standards.

So you’re going to keep being a dick to your single friends because this writer wasn’t able to convince you that she’s not lying to herself about how truly miserable and awful her life is?

Does that really make sense to you?

What is this supposed to mean? That she isn’t “alone forever,” but for some reason willfully refuses to grasp low-hanging dating and relationship fruit dangling in front of her? :smack::rolleyes:

That sounds like depression to me. She’s not sad because her friends were mean. She’s feeling a slow and apparently hopeless disconnection from intimate human connection. Note that she doesn’t roll around on the floor sobbing not because she feels fine, but because to do so at this point would be absurd.

This matches my experience of depression. I didn’t spend most of my time sobbing. I spent most of my time doing nothing because everything felt empty and meaningless.

The author cited in the OP, Aimee Lutkin, is like 35 or so. Being single at that age for a long time is tough. I’ve been there. It can change in a week, too.

The truth is you don’t know.

What I do know is that wallowing in it is pointless and yet emotionally hard to overcome. It IS hard to keep up hope you’ll find someone, and the advice does seem imbecilic.

Just a side note on all the comments in this thread assuming that any non-trollish-looking person could get into a relationship, and ugly people have to settle, and incredibly attractive people can always find a relationship:

Looking around at the people I know, there’s no correlation either between physical attractiveness level and relationship status, or between attractiveness level and settling. On a rough count, the gorgeous ones, the downright plain ones and the in-the-middle ones are all equally likely to be single, in a relationship with the dream partner, or settling for someone who’s not the dream partner. That goes equally for men and women. The person I know who ‘settled’ most blatantly - and admitted it - was also one of the most attractive.

Anecdotal, but there you go.

Not Tesla ( purportedly a rather remote relative of mine ). That whole “probably died a virgin who fell in romantic love with a pigeon” thing that gets trotted out from time to time doesn’t come off as terribly pro-single.

I’m 40. been single the entire time.

eta: and I mean the entire time.