Point out the references in Cabin Fever for me (spoilers throughout)

The baby fell asleep on me this afternoon, and I got bored, so I rented Cabin Fever with a flick of my remote control. I quite liked it, in that “I had pretty low expectations and know this was a low-budget movie” way*. I’ve read that it references a lot of classic horror movies, and I was wondering if y’all can point them out for me.

I did catch a few. There were general themes, like the kids stuck in an isolated cabin in the woods (Evil Dead), and the hidden infected person, which leads to paranoia and bad things (The Thing, Night of the Living Dead). There were also instances where general conventions were tweaked, as the most sinful characters were not necessarily the first to buy it.

Also, I just so happened to have rented the original Dawn of the Dead recently, so I noticed they used the same joke with a character pretending to be out of cigarettes when someone asks to bum one.

Are there more specific little in jokes like that? I’m interested to see what jumped out at the more hardcore horror fans.

*I really liked “newcomer” Robert Harris as the old shopkeeper - I thought he was hilarious even before the little bit at the end.