Castle Rock

So I love how the show had dates that haven’t even happened yet. I took a screen shot of the plaque on the bridge and the date hasn’t happened to yet

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I’ve only watched a couple of episodes so I haven’t noticed that yet. I’ll keep an eye out though.

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I’ve heard this show is baaaaaaad.

It’s pretty good. I’m enjoying it anyway. YMMV.

I think there is another thread on this but I also am enjoying it. There’s parts that are a bit silly and I don’t love Melanie Lynskey- I think she spent all her acting skills on her first role in Heavenly Creatures (which she was excellent in) and never found them again. However, I like Sherriff Clangborn and Henry. The Cujo references are pretty funny actually - after Shawshank that seems to be second most common theme.

I like horror as a rule, but I’m not particularly familiar with King’s work outside of the highlights. (Seen a few films, but the only book I ever read was Needful Things.)

But the reviews for Castle Rock are pretty good overall, so I’m intrigued. Does it take an intimate familiarity with that universe to really enjoy the show, though?

I don’t think so- the story stands on its own and you’ve probably seen Shawshank Redemption? That’s the most heavily referenced theme this season. The other things are just references to “that crazy dog that took over the town” ,coincidental? names, and the actress that played Carrie (in the first King movie that was adapted) is in it- all fun references but the story is its own.

Generally with King, unless something’s a direct sequel, while he does reference other works, you don’t need to actually have read/watched the other to follow what you’re reading/watching at the time…the reference is just for flavour or a wink to his fans.

Even Shawshank Redemption isn’t necessary for Castle Rock, even though much of it’s set in Shawshank Prison*…I think there might be references to it, but the events are standalone.

  • I’ve not actually read the original story, but I have read several of the ones set in Castle Rock, and I don’t remember Shawshank being near it in any of them, so I suspect this one might not be in his main (…heh) universe.