Castle Rock (new show on Hulu)

Well? Where are all my Stephen King fans?

It only started on Wed. so it may take a bit for people to tune in. I mean, * I* put it on my calendar and marked off the days but I realize some people do have lives :o

I think we’re all in for a real treat.

Saw an ad for it and got excited until I saw it was on Hulu. I don’t have Hulu…blah

I binge watched the first three episodes last night. I didn’t love it, but I liked it quite a bit. The acting was really good (what a cast they’ve assembled!) and the production and writing get a thumbs up too. And of course, the easter eggs are fun.

I have Hulu on a twelve week hold, so I’ll just wait until then to watch it.

Yeah! There’s a thread! I’ve also been watching for a thread on this- I really liked it. It hits all the right notes for Stephen King fans and Bill Skasgaard is sufficiently creepy. Very happy to see the actress that played Molly in Fargo- I hope they do more with her than the occasional sister scene.

Just finished the first 3 episodes and found it almost entirely incredibly boring.

Since I’m watching it on Space, not Hulu, starting with 3 episodes was a bit of a chore (since I missed the first 15 minutes, my ability to record or skip commercials got screwed), and I kind of wished it would just hurry up, but I’m invested.

Small-town fuckery and vague supernatural shit is King’s wheelhouse, so it should be good.

Just watched the first four episodes. Loving it so far.

I’m watching it and kind of like it but so far don’t love it. There are some characters who look like they could be interesting if given some more development, but the big mystery storyline isn’t that compelling to me. ISTM that this show is trying a little too hard to differentiate itself from “Stranger Things” (another show heavily inspired by Stephen King) and relies too much on atmosphere. I wish the plot would pick up the pace a little.

That said, the final scene of the most recent episode WAS breathtakingly shocking. That gives me reason to stick with it a while longer.

Anyone still watching this? The latest episode (#7) was possibly the worst one yet. It *might *have been interesting if I cared anything at all about any of the characters, but I don’t.

I’m mostly still watching because my dad likes it. It’s no Haven. Or even Under the Dome.

We’re still watching - and I thought this latest episode ‘The Queen’ was fantastic - it filled in a number of details and background info - was confusing - and the actress pulled off these scene changes in a spectacular way.

I still don’t quite get the overall story - or what the final ‘twist’ might be - but its starting to gell better.

I’m with you Darren Garrison. I started last week and made it through three episodes before deciding I just don’t care. I want to like it, and may go back and watch the rest, but there’s nothing in the story that’s compelling me to do either.

I enjoyed the first couple of episodes. Mostly because they were new and I had no idea where the show was going. I loved the episode about the chess pieces and last night’s episode about the different characters.

Lots of boring episodes, though, and I have been tempted to give up on it. Just one more to go in this season, so I’ll keep watching.

Anybody else see the Claibourne Creamery store?

…well I’m loving it. I don’t think its trying to differentiate itself from Stranger Things at all. Its set itself up to tell a very specific story: but to do that effectively it needs to be a “slow burn.” And boy did it all pay off in episode 9 IMHO. That was fantastic.

It may have been, except I have no fucking idea what they are trying to convey. Can you explain it?

…explain what? Episode 9? Or the entire story?

We won’t know the entire story until next week. So if that’s what you are after then you will have to wait a few days.

Episode 9 was very interesting - seems too complicated (timeline wise) - but I think I get it.

[spoiler]It’s about alternate universes, man. Oh, and time travel.

Seriously. That’s pretty much what I got out of the the most recent episode. There are a bunch of people from different times and possibly different dimensions wandering around a spot in the Derry woods (I think this has something to do with the Dark Tower’s beams) and the grown up Henry in the cage in the first Derry we’ve been shown is from now-Derry-2, while little boy Henry from then-Derry-1 was held captive by Derry-2’s version of his dad, but now, instead of then, so he moved through both time and dimension.

What any of this has to do with why the town is “bad” or 2/3rds of the things unrelated to the Henrys and Mollys, I still don’t know. [/spoiler]

[SPOILER]…from what I can gather: this ties in heavily to King’s Dark Tower series (I haven’t read it) and the multiverse. Some people are suggesting that the “voice of god” is a reference to “Stephen King”, the creator of the many-different-universes the characters exist in, although I doubt that the series would go as far as to explicitly make that connection.

As to “why the town is bad”: I don’t think thats a question the series is actually looking to answer. Castle Rock is just bad. King started writing about Castle Rock in 1979. It probably attracts evil just like a hellmouth. Its just the way it is.