"Pokemon Prove Evolutionism Is False"

OK, that´s it, I´ve found the root of all insanity.

Creation Science Fair

Further quotes:


REEEEAALLYY??? :smack:

To this bunch of lunatics: I evolve in your general direction, freaks!

Did I hear a whoosh?

Awww, you party spoiler; I´m not inviting you to my birthday this month :frowning:

I evolve in your general direction too.

DAMN, and I was going to try that “women have a lower center of gravity” thing on the wife, the next time she tried to wheedle out of washing the dishes. :frowning:

Sorry, Ale. I’m sure someone would have pointed that out sooner or later, just happens that I have a good memory.

I’d think a woman’s center of gravity would depend on the size of the boobs. :smiley:

I think someone should call the ASPCA over that last experiment.

Someone probably did if the fuss bonsaikitten.com caused is any indication.

Hey, this is familiar. I pitted this too a while back. No one can really figure out if it is connected to Landover Baptist, and therefore, a joke.

Funny, I am no monkey, but I can’t figure this one out.

When I checked on the main site a while back, I discovered about half of the “staff” list email providers that don’t exist. I think a WhoIs search at the time indicated that the site and/or the company that registered it was for sale.

Gotta be a joke (possibly a parody of this), question is if they’re really connected with Landover Baptist or not.

This is certainly interesting and I wonder how true it is.

Creation Science Fair

Ah, damn, it’s dead.

Survival of the fittest I guess.

Actually it’s true that women generally have a lower center of gravity than men do. One would think boob size would make it higher. But boobs are fleshy and not very dense. Hips on the other hand are bony and have muscle mass, and women have wider hips than men.

I saw a demonstration of this in a biomechanics class. The prof put a pencil eraser on the floor and challenged us to kneel down with our hands behind our backs and try to knock it over with our noses. As I recall, only the ladies in the class could do it without falling over forward.

If this doesn’t prove women are intended to be homemakers, I don’t know what will… :slight_smile:

Not really, the Teeming Millions probably just overloaded their servers for a while.

Thermodynamics of Hellfire. Hmm. How does one research that, I wonder?

And you´re going to blame me for that, right? :mad:

heh :wink:

First you have to be a very, very bad boy…

The Thermodynamics of Hell

Blame? Assuming it was the Teeming Millions effect, I’d give you credit. Every time sites like that go down it keeps others from falling for them. :slight_smile:

That’s either brilliant and complete satire or just plain nuts.

I have to say, I had a college roommate who was a fundie and would have been right at home at that “science” fair. He actually told me once that, in his words, “In a perfect world women wouldn’t be able to survive without God’s help.”

I never could quite parse his definition of perfect out of that statement.

One bit of evidence for satire:

I don’t think fundies that rabid would ever let their kids play with Pokemon, even to disprove evolution.

So… women wobble, but they don’t fall down?