Poker: the new Olympic competition!

These guys sound serious…

How about video poker?

How about slots?


Obviously it’s far too late for any game or sport to be considered for inclusion in the Athens games.

I’ve seen the commercials for the littering the airwaves during poker broadcasts for the last few weeks, and figured it was nothing other than a well-timed gimmick to get people to go to their site to play poker. I’m already holding my own playing online poker and odds are the site doesn’t support the Mac platform (99% of online poker sites don’t) so I felt no need to indulge them.

Oh puh-leeze. This is even stupider than the dorks who want the “sport” of Chess in the Olympics.

;j Happy orthodox Jewish man sez: It’s a joke, people. Laugh.

Exactly. What makes it funnier is that it seems so serious.