Polamalu possibly leaving the Steelers

Looks like they would like to see him retire but he may leave to play somewhere else. I would like to see him finish as a Steeler but if the team lets him go… I remember how much it hurt when Rod Woodson left. If I could weather that I could weather this. More info here.

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Last season he seemed way too slow to freelance like he does. I’m not sure if he has much of market outside of the Steelers. I hope he retires, but I know I would crawl through a lot of shit for that kind of money so I’m not the one to make that decision.

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His wild-man play has essentially taken his game away. He can’t hang at safety, he just doesn’t have the speed anymore. That makes him a very underweight freelancing linebacker, and he wasn’t able to any of the things that made him legendary last year, even with his demanding offseason training regimen.

Pittsburgh isn’t exactly cutting him, they’re just not resigning him. Time marches on. I doubt any team will take a chance on him except maybe at a much lower contract figure than he’s used to, and for what? So he can end his career ignominiously playing out the string for a team will probably suck, about the only kind of team that will make an offer? It’ll be like Franco closing out with the Seahawks, poor performance from someone who is a mere shadow of what they once were for a team that nobody will remember him being on except to say that he should have hung it up long before.

He really ought to retire. I’ll be sad to see him go, he’s the best defender Pittsburgh has had since the legendary Steel Curtain days, but it’s over. 5 years from now he’ll be in Canton with relatively good health, and that’s as good an ending as anybody has any right to expect.

And how all his fans boycotted Woodsons over at Station Square until he finally threw in the towel and closed; there was no way the place could survive just on good food and fun alone. No offense meant to any particular person but if the entire team ever decided to move I would be the first to volunteer to help them pack. And pray the fans followed them.

He went to the Goddamned Ratbirds. OF COURSE we hated him. Purple to a Steelers fan is like waving a red cape at a bull. He could have gone anywhere else and we would have wished him well, but he didn’t, and so we didn’t.

Blow it out your Jack Ham? The Purple People Eaters have the right color and do we have you just because of a couple Super Bowls? OK – we do. But that’s beside the point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Polamalu has 2 year left on his contract - he restructured last year (maybe the year before) to push costs into the future. He’s due $6M in 2015. If he doesn’t retire, Pittsburgh is “exactly” cutting him.

Woodson went to San Fran before Baltimore, and nobody wished him well. And the Ravens got him the Super Bowl ring that he couldn’t get in Pittsburgh.


…or something

And I see Ike is walking as well? Maybe they can both make it a short walk and just go to opposite ends of Ohio. That way they won’t have to move or anything!

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Now if I can just get Gropey the Quarterback to leave my voodoo will be complete. Lets send him to Philadelphia! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Come my coven – we have work to do. Grab a chicken and follow me!!!