Polar Bear Surprise!

Oh shit, @_@

Good change of direction by the skier though =)

Holy shit! Ski for your life! Ski! Ski! I like how the camera work drops off, too, as the guy holding the camera obviously sees the bear too and starts running.

Normally youtube comments make my soul hurt, but I had to laugh at the one that said, “That is what happens when you dress up like a coca-cola bottle when skiing.”

And I would agree with some of the other comments that this appears to be fake. If you pause at 19s you can see below the skiers left arm the head of a person the bear would just passed.

Wow! The weird thing is that when I opened this thread, an ad for save the polar bears came on TV, too.

Yeah, I’m not one to cry “fake” at every viral video, but this one definitely looks fake to me. The bear looks CGI, and the video is filmed in a way that seems to be trying too hard to be “real,” right down to the artifacts.

I too think it’s fake, and fun. And I come bearing another cool bear video.

Animated Short on Vimeo : Between Bears

I don’t think that’s a person’s head; it looks to me light it’s a lighting fixture like the others you can see in the background.

The only reasons I can come up with that it’s prolly fake is that the video is shot on fairly well-developed part of the grounds; it seems unlikely that a polar bear could get that far onto the grounds without more people having noticed and word of that would spread fairly quickly. And, Oslo is quite a ways inland, and very far from the Barents Sea. Hardly an easy place for a polar bear to get to, IMO.

Does this remind anyone else of that old Gary Larson cartoon? “Crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle!”

Look, it’s just a fake. That’s the Holmenkollen ski jump arena in Oslo, Norway. I would know, because I live practically around the corner from there. The closest free roaming polar bear is about a thousand miles away (polar bear range). No one around here has met a polar bear in the street, or in the ski slope, ever, and won’t, unless the bear travels here by plane.

Realistically, though, the guy could easily have run into a moose. Those seem to wander into the city all the time. They had to shoot one just up the road from my apartment just recently.

That’s gorgeous. Thanks for that.

It was contrived by Norway TV:

“I forbindelse med ski VM, gjorde vi et lite…tja…PR-stunt. Filmsnutten med isbjørn i Holmenkollen er straks sett 100 000 ganger på youtube”

Translated: “In connection with the Nordic Skii Championship we did a little, well, PR stunt. The clip with a polar bear in Holmenkollen has soon been seen 100 000 times on YouTube.”

Of course there’s always the possibility that the polar bear in the video was one of the delegates to Agreement on Conservation of Polar Bears that was made in Oslo in 1973. The delegate from Franz Joseph Land met and fell in love with the delegate from Norway, who helped him defect. Unfortunately for the Russian, the affair did not last and the Norwegian returned to Svalbard. For nearly forty years, the residents of Oslo have had to put up with a depressed polar bear looking for a mate. Fearing a fate worse than death, they tend to ski hastily in the other direction when they encounter the old fellow.

Yeah, of course, there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see now that the map I posted upthread was actually crap, here’s another one. Yeah, there are polar bears in Svalbard, a distance from Oslo of 1100 miles, which means, comparing that to the edge of the range in North America, that you are actually as likely to meet a polar bear in South Carolina as in Oslo. No, make that more likely, since he wouldn’t have to cross the sea.

Fuck, I can’t measure. :smack: :smack: OK, make that New York City. The point still stands, sort of.

No, hang on, I am deeply sorry,this time is just mixed up my miles and km. :smack: :smack:

No, I had it right the first time, it would be South Carolina.

They are quite happy swimming about in the ocean for long distances, and they go as far south as northern Ontario and occasionally the big island of Newfoundland. Be afraid. Be very afraid.:eek:

I thought this thread was about the latest Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavour.

It is. For polar bears, their favourite ice cream flavour is skate skier, as opposed to classic, due to more meat on the quads.