Pole dancin' for the Lord

is oddly controversial

Keep on rocking in the free world.

Back in the day, when I was working in a factory, I had a low-life pal who went by Woody (because he had an artificial leg due to a drunken motorcycle accident). Once when he was crashing at my apartment he picked up this stripper and brought her over one afternoon to have a few beers. I think he felt he had a pretty good shot, when to our surprise she suddenly started talking about her devotion to Jesus.

Woody asked her how she reconciled that with her profession. She said the human body was created by God and was a beautiful thing, and there was nothing wrong in displaying it.

Unfortunately for him, I don’t think Woody ever got a chance at private worship.

It was probably in the Song of Solomon somewhere.

Pole dancer checking in: I’m all for it. Good on 'em.

Get me to the church on time!

I’m guessing attendance at the local prayer palace will be waaaay up once word gets around how communion is doled out these days.

[Spaulding Gray]And the one thing I will tell you which is NOT true: the communion wafer does not stick.[/Spaulding Gray]

I wanna start a church! With pole dancers! And blackjack!

I must say the headline is worthy of The Onion:

Lap dance for the Lord, my children!

And no more collection plate.

Yeah, bills only. You can’t tuck coins in a g-string.

Yeah, but the wine is all watered down. And there’s a cover charge.

I’ve decided everything I do now is 'for Jesus."

I’m going to school for Jesus.

Jumping for Jesus.

Doing homework for Jesus.

Did he lose the other leg this time?

You need to add it to fortune cookies…after you add “in bed.” :smiley:

No, good on you!

I’m Polish, and I dance.

Bacon eatin’ for Allah ! Yeah !