Well, of all people to defriend me on Facebook. LOL!

About three years ago I went to a strip club with some friends. While there, I got to talking with one of the dancers. We pretty much spent the majority of the night talking. Yes, that’s right folks, talking, no lap dances were involved.

We got along so well that by the end of the night, we ended up exchanging phone numbers and E-mails.

The next day when I sobered up, I thought better of getting involved with a lap dancer. (Not judging, just something I don’t want to deal with in a potential GF.) Even tho’ we never called each other, we wound up being “E-mail buddies”. By that I mean we would just trade E-mail jokes with each other. No real communication was involved.

Yesterday, I signed up on this Facebook thing. One of the first suggestions it gave me for a friend was my stripper friend. (How the freak did they know that anyway?) So I requested her as a friend.

She sent me back a message stating: OMG!! You’re an Atheist? I can’t be friends with you. Also please don’t send me any more E-mails. I will pray for you tonight. God bless.

LOL!! Really lady? :D:D

I don’t know what to make of that, but I think that “Lap Dancing for the Lord” would be an awesome band name.

Should have replied with “that’s alright sweetie, I’ll stick to missionary only”.

She moved to defriend in the name of Jesus.

I often wonder why a guy would date a stripper- that’s like a big :confused: for me. That said- wtf? Even here in progressive Tucson, Arizona, I get all kinds of dumb reactions when I say I’m an atheist. A couple of weeks ago someone asked me how I knew right from wrong. As if they pull out their bible at every decision point just to check. :smack:

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that she didn’t get her stripping job based on her sparkling intellect. :slight_smile:

One of the worst things about finally joining Facebook is finding out that people I’ve known my whole life are religious fanatics. Last night one asked all her friends to pray for forgiveness on behalf of the current administration. It’s all I can do not to comment to these people, I had to finally “hide” one of them so I wouldn’t see anything she posts anymore.

She actually spelled “you’re” correctly? People who comment on newspaper articles can’t even do that.

Around Easter every year, my Facebook friends go nuts with the Jesusing and the bunnies and eggs and crap. I always have a burning desire to put this on my page, but I’d like to end up still having some friends. So I don’t. But oooh, I want to.

The Lord works in mysterious sways?

Funny and sad at the same time.

I always have to :rolleyes: at my fellow Christians who either react to atheists/wiccans/Muslims/etc. as if they were diseased, or chide me for having friends of the same (well, I don’t believe I have any Muslim friends, but I am friends with atheists ans Wiccas.)

Myself, since I am a Christian, I always follow the example of Christ. He preferred to hang out with the non- and differently- religious (like Samaritans) and other assorted “scum of the earth” than with the “religious” of his day, who were invariably hypocritical. Something tells me he wouldn’t find much different in the 21st century.

You could put this up.

As the Jester in Ivanhoe says: “Better Jews who are not Christians, than Christians who are not Christians.”

Freely replace the word ‘Jews’ with any other religion or belief.

Matthew 7:1 seems appropriate here.

Back in 1980 in Boulder Colorado, I shared an apartment with a guy named Woody. He became casual friends with this cute chick and she came over to apartment a few times. In one conversation she revealed she was a born again Christian, which put a damper on Woody’s efforts to score with her.

She still came over a few times after that, and on another occasion mentioned she had got a job dancing at one of the local strip clubs, which gave us both a WTF moment. When we asked how she reconciled that with her beliefs, she said that the human body was a beautiful thing and it wasn’t sinful to show it off.

Tucson is less progressive than you think. Ask Fred Woodworth.


Dating dancers is tough. they work late and then want to play. If you have a normal job, you will get no sleep. It is worth it for a while, but it is hard to sustain .

I really don’t understand some Christians. Here’s what my response would be to finding out one of my friends were an athiest:

“So you don’t believe in God? Huh, anyways, Avatar looks friggin sweet, doesn’t it?”

I really wouldn’t care.

Scientologist on the other hand…

A lot of strippers are into that mumbo-jumbo spiritual crap whether it be Christianity or whatever else.

In three years a lot might have changed in her life.