Was just "defriended" by a childhood friend because I'm not a Born Again Christian

I had asked her about our sexual exploration as kids. She thought just me mentioning it was sinful. Lookingbat her Timeline, not surprised she’s religious. Sad she felt need to “unfriend” me.


Saved you the trouble, didn’t it?

I think I would have blocked you just for posting creepy stuff on my wall.

Yup, coach.

Wait, you posted this publically on her facebook wall? Or just messaged her? :eek:

Does it matter?


I seriously don’t think she “defriended” you because you’re not a born again Christian. I think she defriended you for asking creepy questions…

Lol! Keep telling yourself that, though, if it makes you feel better…

Jesus has nothing to do with this. Leave the man out of this. :dubious:

Good point. shudder

She can still give a “Hello-honk” as she’s passing over your place, can’t she? Or do you guys not live near each other?

This had nothing to do with religion. You were unfriended for sending wildly inappropriate messages.

Trust me, you’re the winner here! :smiley:

I always love it when someone identifies as a “Born-Again Christian”…I’ve told more than a few “That you were born once too much for me!”

Was she hot?

This is probably why you were unfriended.

maybe you were a lousy lay

Although I instantly assume the creepy-sounding messaging is why you were unfriended, that assumption relies on a lot of further assumptions about your relationship with this person on and off facebook. That you apparently didn’t know her religious feelings do support those assumptions though.

So that’s two dumb posts by the OP in one 24 hour period. These things come in 3’s, don’t they? Can’t wait for the next one.

You did what?! I’m not the least bit Christian and I would have unfriended you. That is AMAZINGLY creepy and does not respect even basic boundaries.