Was just "defriended" by a childhood friend because I'm not a Born Again Christian

Assertions made in thread title not supported by information presented by OP.

“Hey! Remember that time I stuck my finger in your butt? Good times.”

I lol’d.

Wow. Even Richard Dawkins would have unfriended you for something like that.

I’m choosing to add an extra layer of humor by believing that the OP remembered and messaged the wrong person.

I know right. Christians are stupid and retarded and shouldn’t be allowed to have beliefs or opinions.

OP count yourself lucky that you don’t have to suffer anymore having to interact with someone who thinks differently than you.

But seriously you go asking someone on Facebook where the world can see, “Hey remember that time I had you stick a carrot up my butt?” and you expect then to not defriend you?

What did you expect her to say, “Hurp, yeah that was fun times. I always wanted to try sticking an eggplant up your butt. Hey maybe next weekend we can give it a try.” And then all her family and friends seeing that and going, “Oh, those silly kids.”

I love it when you smart types talk all dirty like that.

Cited example is actually that of dirty type talking smart.

That’s it! No Facebook for you!

So what’s the context of this conversation? Were you two reminiscing about the stuff you used to do as kids, and you put in “Hey, remember that time we played Doctor? LOL” or was it something like “I remember the time you touched my peepee and made it hard”?

“Sexual exploration as kids” does not sound as normal as you think it does.

A lot of jumping to conclusions here.

There’s no indication that the OP made the reference to their childhood activities on the public Facebook feed. If she did, I would agree that it was wildly inappropriate. But I assumed upon first reading that this was a private exchange via a Facebook message.

And if she led with this topic soon after they had become Facebook friends, that would also be a bit strange. But the question could have been asked only after they had been talking comfortably for a while about more benign topics.

Just saying there’s a lot we don’t know here, and nothing at all to indicate the worse scenarios.

There are some leaps for sure. But the OP obviously didn’t know a lot about her and implies he’s never so much as looked at her timeline, which implies little intimacy. Unless you are very close with someone, why would you assume they are comfortable talking about this?

Yes. Asking it privately is creepy; posting it on her wall is creepy-squared.

I feel the same about Facebook.

That’s not how it works.


Did you post a TBT photo?

I went to the ‘progressive’ high school. Looking at Facebook, it seems most of my classmates have become religious and conservative. How weird is that?

I was defriended by one of them when my progressive-liberal self shot down one of her other conservative friends and asked for cites for the claims the friend was making.

You should have just poked her first.

Please define the two highlighted terms as they are being used here.

Wait a minute. I don’t know facebook at all, but this was a message everyone could see? On the ‘wall’. Not a private conversation?

Even if it was a private message, that’s the kind of private message you just don’t send.