Everybody wants to be my friend on MySpace!

…Wait, no, they’re just trying to sell me stuff. How depressing.

(I actually got a friend request from this hot young babe (SFW) tonight. Ah, the changing world…)

I don’t.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. And the necrophelia.

She has a pretty sweet pic of the Charger SRT8 up on her page. I doubt she’s sold one.

I forgot:

Whats “Myspace”?

I must look poor, because most of my “friend” requests come from people trying to share their financial secrets with me.

My husband must look horny, because most of his come from amateur porn chicks.

I have to say, I just don’t understand the MySpace friend collecting thing you whippersnappers are into these days. My MySpace Friends are…you know…my FRIENDS! I even had to think about it for a day before I felt justified in adding you and DiosaBellissima, **GFactor **and Indyellen- people who I’ve been “talking” to a dozen times a day for over three years but not met in person. Yet I see other accounts with thousands of friends and no content other than “Thnx 4 teh Add!” Comments. Weird.

My lawn. Off.

Ouch! :wink:

Yup, me too. I had about 13 of those tonight alone. The sad part is, they’re not even trying to pass as real profiles anymore–I often get groups of two or three that are exactly the same profile except for the main picture.

Facebook > Myspace. There, I said it.

I was standing near a group of teenagers today when I heard one say to the other “You are so uncool that Tom wouldn’t even be your friend!” I thought that was pretty clever for a 14 year old.

Agreed. A ton of people at my college have switched over (okay, mostly because of the college’s network, but I digress…)

Heh, I must look like a horny man, because most of my friend requests come from porn chicks. Or men telling me “I see you’re married, but do you wanna <disgusting and unattractive offer from random intarweb loser>?”

Thanks for the link.That ones goin to the “yank-bank” Yep that Viper’s looking mighty good…

I keep getting those requests from people “giving” away gift cards, people wanting me to be a webcam girl, and some guy who has been requesting me every day for about a week, changing his name (but not his picture) every couple of times I deny his request. :rolleyes:

I usually do click on the requester’s profile to see who I am denying (people can be so vague with avatars and names that I’m never quite sure if I know they or not) and you’d be surprised at how many friends these fake spam accounts manage to collect. And they’re not all just other spammers, either (click through to their friends’ profiles and you can tell).

It’s opening my eyes to the question “Who are these people that click on spam email links and keep it profitable?” I found those people, and they are on MySpace.

If it’s porn, the friends are all dudes. Back when the porn spammers were a little more subtle on MySpace, my first clue was that they had 10,000 male friends who all looked like losers.

Try this: Account Settings (right under Edit Profile at your “Home” page) —> Privacy Settings —> Change Settings —> “Require email or last name to add me as a friend”

That’ll solve both of your problems and make sure that only your real friends and relatives can request an add. People can still send you messages so you could still get spam, but you won’t get the add requests. There are others that might be useful, such as “Block Friend Request From Bands” and “Approve Comments before Posting” and if you hate people leaving big html images on your page (they’re dangerous too) you can go back out to Change Settings, then click on Profile Settings —> Change Settings, and then “Disable HTML Profile Comments.”

Save after doing anything.

A possble solution to spam messages could be to set your profile to “Away” whenever you’re offline. People can’t send messages (or, I think, leave Comments) while it’s set to Away, but I’ve never used it so I couldn’t say for sure about the Comments. That’s Account Settings —> Change Account Settings —> Away Message —> View / Edit Away Message —> type what you want then click the “Show away message when someone wants to send me a message” then Save.

I’ve been getting a shitload of spam friend invites for a little while now. Even a couple of months ago it was rare, but now it’s in double digits a day sometimes. Sometimes for fun I’ll send a “fuck off” message, but most of the time I just deny. I know the message doesn’t do anything, but it makes me feel better.

Wasn’t Facebook up and running before Myspace anyway?

I’ll be your friend!! I have nothing to sell…

hum, I must not be active enough on myspace or something, I only get one or two random friend requests every once in a great while…

not even the ad people and the porn stars want to be my friend :frowning:

According to Wikipedia, MySpace is one year older than Facebook. Facebook remains independent, while MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation (20th Century Fox).