Police drag protesters from blocking Palin motorcade

Police drag protesters away from blocking Palin Motorcade.

What the hell? I’m not a fan of Palin’s but why? Who cares if her motorcade goes by? Who are these “Red Pill” bozos? I can’t find anything on them as of this time.

They’re obviously just trying to get their message across. I don’t think standing in traffic is the way to do it.

Of course - the jokers covered their faces up.

Violent jerks never want us to know who they actually are. It was as true for the Klan as it was for this group of idiots.

“Police prevented injuries since vehicles likely wouldn’t have stopped, official says”

Think of it as Intelligent Design in action.

Sounds like the police saved their lives.

Red Pill” is likely a Matrix reference.

The Red Pill appears to be an alternative news magazine in Grand Junction published every other month. (I wonder if they carry The Straight Dope?).

Judging by the news article headlines from the last couple of months, they are equal opportunity protestors. One article talks about trying to disrupt the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Would you be so kind as to let us know how this group was violent?

While they do not appear to have thrown stones or behaved in other typically violent ways, they did inteerupt, not block, the motorcade, rushing into the street after the initial police escort had passed and before the cars carrying Palin and company. In a country that has witnessed our share of assassinations, such an act could certainly be considered a presumption of violence.

Had they stood across the road in front of the entire motorcade, they would also have been hustled off the street, but it they could claim an aura of “non-violence.” However, their actions, while not clearly violent, certainly lean toward that interpretation.

Well, maybe they’re Hindu fanatics seeking salvation by being crushed under the wheels of the Palin Juggernaut.


You can not block a president or a candidates motorcade. If they stop ,they are easier to assassinate. They would have been run over.
They cover their faces because cops will photograph them and track them down. The day of a harmless protest and go on with your life is over. You would be stupid not to cover.

Not just our country - a certain World War was precipitated by an attack on a motorcade.

They sound like idiots. Their political protest was actually just playing chicken, which is dangerous to them and to the people in the motorcade, and whether or not they were planning anything violent the police were right to get them out of the way.

Ugh, suddenly I feel so Establishment. What ever happened to the Black Bloc? Those guys had more panache.

Which is what cops should do if you’re engaged in non-peaceful protest, I must add. In fact, in most places it is illegal to protest with your face covered in the first place, as that act in and of itself has historically been used to intimidate people far more often than to express any message in and of itself.

An appeals court held one of those laws constitutional recently.

I disagree. These guys should spend as much time standing in traffic as possible. Or train tracks! They could really get their message across by protesting on train tracks!

But it is legal for the police to break down your door with their faces covered. :slight_smile:

Depends. Are they cold? :wink:

Good point.
Well taken.