Protesters: why must you distrupt rush hour?

(Or: anyone who tried to go through Rosslyn after 8:30 this morning has my deepest sympathies.)

Well, yeah, if you consider tying up traffic during rush hour is a success.

“We are not all united for a war”? No shit! Anyone with half a brain knows not everyone wants war! Why the fuck did you feel the need to block a major artery into DC to get your point across?

I’m glad my only commute is Columbia Pike. Anyone who tries that shit over here would be quickly removed.

Are you kidding? Saddam and the whole Iraqi regime threw down their guns when they heard that a dozen hippies taped themselves to the New Jersey Railroad tracks this morning!

Taped? Did you say “Taped?” Would this be surplus duct tape or your basic Scotch? Speaking of scotch, I’ll have one!

They taped themselves to metal pipes and lay down on the tracks. If it weren’t for the pipes, I’d have suggested, “full throttle, Casey!”

no shit.

i work near downtown portland, and the other day there were so many damned people in the street i had to take a detour the wrong way up a one way street just to get out of the area so i could get home.

i fully support people’s right to assemble peacfully, but wtf is there to be benefited for your cause in the act of blocking major arterial road? ? ? all it does is piss people off, and make me want to run your dumbass over.

the point at which you start inturrupting my ability to drive a convenient route is the time i tell you to take your picket signs and shove them up yer ass.



Well, let’s look at this on the bright side. Maybe one of those hippies was a gal who finally got a much-needed body wax when she un-taped herself.

Eww. Just think of all the nasty bits of hair they left behind.

wow. I suppose you support the war and the death penalty as well, you obviosly hold human life in little regard. :frowning:

I am always amazed at the differences in news coverage between here and the US. On NBC early this morning, our time, the protests were briefly reported as 200 people in San Fransisco, and protests in Europe and Asia.

No mention of this, where over 30,00 Australians protested after the first missiles struck, and with only 3 hrs notice. Further, much greater protests will follow over the weekend. The people of this country do not want our government to involve us, by a majority of over 70%.

BTW if you are wondering what Australia has to do with all this, we are the ONLY other country to commit troops to America’s war on Iraq, besides the UK, not Spain or any of the 35 mostly unnamed countries who have suddenly materialised as members of the “coalition of the willing” as many Americans seem to believe

It’s called “humor,” dear. I know that have that in Australia.

Oh, Eve…you cold-hearted war-monger, you! Grow a heart or somethin’, huh?

Publicity for their cause. It obviously worked, since you are talking about it.

Surely there’s a better way to drum up publicity than pissing off commuters.

Dear Protestors,

If you could please march around campus shouting your slogans and banging your drums, not only would your message be heard by more people, but your protest would also be less disruptive than when you are camped out under our window. We have a test tomorrow, so we would appreciate it. Thank you.

Love ya bunches,
Physics 102, Section 5.

Great. Now they’re vomiting all over the place to protest the war.


Now that’s just plain stupid. Think someone should tell them what repeated self-induced vomiting does to the esophagus and tooth enamel?

Or, kids play in traffic.

Not as big a deal as one of the news channels was making it. Still not a good idea. It would be a shame if a protest caused a higher body count than the first day of the war.


It always amkazes me that the protestors are so in love with symbolism and pageantry that they have lost sight of accomplishing their goals. How, for example, does stimulating an emetic response all over the sidewalk aid in ending US military action in Iraq? Do they think President Bush will see the article, call Tommy Franks in the field, and say, “General, the freaks are puking in San Francisco. Retreat!”

Well, gobear, IMO, many of these protesters, like the Frisco hurlers are not motivated by any deep humanitarianism or any desire for pragmatic action; they’re just a bunch of spoiled snots who want to rebel against bourgeois values and shock Mommy & Daddy

No offence to anyone, but other then the Brits and Aussie SAS, I doubt we want anyone else to actually commit troops. I mean, mad props to Croatia for supporting the effort, but I shudder to think of a brigade of rusty T-55’s trying to do anything next to American M1A2 or Brit Challengers.

There is probably a reason that we aren’t begging Cameroon to send in the troops. Think about it.

The whole point of disrupting life and the economy is not to offer material aid to the enemy; it’s simply to force the average joe to wake up and smell the music.


Jesus fucking Christ. You fucking jackasses. You claim to be acting for pace and you trash my fucking City?! Honest folks are trying to make a living in one of the the most expensive places in the country, and you feel its your goddamn duty to prevent it?

There is a not-so-fine line between bringing attention to your cause and rioting, you sons of bitches. You’re throwing newsracks all over the Financial district. Congratulations. Everyone with a TV knows what assholes you are.

Now they want to get on the Bay Bridge. Fow what? What possible fucking point would you have to do that? Do you really think that will bring a single person to your side of the argument? One single person? No. It’ll get your dumb asses beaten down by people who want to go HOME.

Let me make this clear- I have no problem with peaceful protests at all, I admire the courage to stand up for what you believe in. I beleive in doing everything youy can to get your message heard. But the message is this situation is that “There are a bunch of anti-war jackasses trashing San Francisco.”

Way to go. And I’m sure the reasonable protestors appreciate all you’re doing for them. Just ask the citizens of Oakland the night of Superbowl Sunday.