Polis & Hancock doing their best DeSantis & Abbott impersonation

A bunch of refugees have arrived in Denver. The response?
Gov. Polis is putting them on busses to Chicago and New York claiming that’s where the refugees really wanted to go. Really?! I call BS and think the refugees are just happy to be in the US. Polis just stopped the shipping off of his human problem, not because it’s wrong but because the Chicago and New York mayor begged him to.

Mayor Hancock has decided that a refugee has at most 2 weeks in a shelter before being tossed out. To expedite this, he is closing all of the emergency refugee shelters. I’m sure completely unrelated, the city council is begging neighbor cities and churches to take them in.

Both are saying it is not fair for Biden to expect cities and state to support the influx of refugees without Federal support, so their solution is to foist their problem on somebody else. The Denver Office of Emergency Management even put out

The border crisis that landed on our doorstep is not because Denver is a welcoming city. It is because the federal government has not fixed an immigration problem that has been in existence for decades.

We all know that Mayor Hancock is an immoral fucker, but I’m surprised Governor Polis responded like this. To paraphrase one of my neighbors: Why does Polis hate refugees?


ETA, wiki says " Denver has one of the largest populations of Mexican-Americans in the entire United States. Approximately one third of the city is Hispanic, with the overwhelming majority of them being of Mexican descent. Many of them speak Spanish at home."
I wasn’t aware of that, but it makes more sense now. I wasn’t sure why Denver would be having an issue with people coming across the border.

What part of that reply isn’t absolutely true? The federal government has done nothing since the 80s but screw up the immigration system even worse.

For those interested in a less sensationalist take: Polis says his plan to bus migrants is “night and day” to GOP states

For example: telling the cities they’re sending migrants to that they’re on the way, providing health services, tracking who they are and where they’re going so they can have a chance at asylum, and asking for work permits for the 30% of migrants that want to stay in Colorado so they can.

Denver doesn’t have a problem with refugees. They’re simply overwhelmed at the moment, because they’ve been so welcoming to this point.

That article does make it sound less like they were tricked onto a bus and shipped across the country and more like they were offered a bus/plane ride to continue on their journey to meet up with their family, wherever that may be. It just appeared like the Desantis/Abbott stunts when they started rushing to get everyone on the road before the snowstorm hit.

What makes Denver attractive to refugees?

Presumably the fact that they have such a high population of Mexican-Americans living there may mean lots of refugees have family there.
But other than that, I don’t know. It’s just a guess.

It has a large Hispanic population already, good services, & a lot of jobs available in local industries & in the area’s agriculture.

I understand housing and health care, child care and education are big hurdles, but we could use about a thousand folks willing to work construction and service jobs in the Gallatin valley. Maybe more. My company just did its first H1B visa program and it was a huge success, other than the fact the folks had to go home after 6 months.

That is the only report I’ve seen that talks about family. Polis has continually said that he has bussed them off because they want to go to Chicago and New York - no reason given why they want to go there. And I question if that part is even true. If they wanted to be in those cities then why did they settle here?

We have many Hispanic people in Little Rock, AR. Even a Mexican Consulate. I’ll go with families and available jobs. I’ve seen them sweating their asses of working for the Arkansas (or Pulaski County?) Highway Department during hot Summers.

Because getting to Denver is easier, faster, and has more resources to help them at least get on their feet before they move on. Most of them aren’t settling in Colorado, it’s simply a temporary stop.

Your neighbor’s an ignorant asshole.

I find it hard to believe Denver is significantly easier to get to than Chicago. It’s not even the right direction. Even if I eaccept his premise, until just a few days ago Polis wasn’t giving them time. Get your ass on the bus and get out of my state. And I question that almost all of the refugees here said they really want to be in Chicago or New York. None of them want to be in Portland or Atlanta or Bismark? tl;dr it’s bullshit.

And remember as for resources to help them get on their feet, Mayor MFer Hancock is shutting down all of the refugee shelters and giving them max 2 weeks before they have to move out.

Dude, have you not seen my posts that another neighbor of mine flies the Confederate Battle Flag to celebrate Juneteenth? My neighbors think that the problem with Trump is that he’s too progressive.

The local news reporting has said that the migrants are coming to Denver because it’s relatively centrally located, and has good transportation links to other major cities.