Political stance of "Team America: World Police"

Shortly, Team America: World Police will be in theatres. I’ve seen some trailers and found them to be very amusing. One trailer showing Kim Jong Il singing “I’m So Lonely” (where “lonely” is more like “rone-ry”) was very funny.

Now, since this . . . um, movie? cartoon? puppet show? . . . deals with current events, it has to have a political slant: left or right, Democrat or Republican, pro-peace or pro-war, etc.

Has anyone heard what this work’s stand is?


I got the impression that it’s harsh to everybody, liberals and conservatives alike.

Which is very in line with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s personal philosophies, as I understand it. They’re not necessarily concerned with politics so much as what is truly funny.

This article from the New York Times is mostly about the problems the MPAA has with marionette sex (although, apparently, marionette violence is no problem for an R rating). It does say, however,

The only overt statement I have read from either them was by Stone, who said “I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals.” They seem to go after the rhetoric on both sides pretty evenly, though the hollywood liberals have always been a favorite target.

They seem to be very consistent libertarians, at least with a small “L.”

I agree with the previous posters. Fans of South Park know that Parker and Stone love skewering both sides. I see no reason to believe that Team America: World Police will be any different. Remember the quote in South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut: “Horrific, deplorable violence is okay as long as there aren’t any naughty words. That’s what this war is all about!”

Oh, I love equal opportunity offenders!

I must go and see this, then. I was worried it might be slanted one way or another. I don’t mind blasting one side as long as the other gets blasted too.

(Another movie I was worried about was Manchurian Candidate, but they handled partisanism very, very well.)


From what I’ve read they make fun of pretty much everybody. Apparently there’s a Michael Moore puppet that comes off rather badly. I’m sure that will be pleasing to some.

Yep–in the only trailer I’ve seen, the funniest moment is a half-second of Michael Moore dancing an insane jig in front of Mount Rushmore; it spurred me into astonished cackling.

I’m really looking forward to this.


Yeah, I was wondering about that. I thought Matt Stone respected/liked Michael Moore. He did appear in Bowling for Columbine.

I know a hollywood liberal who worked on the show, and that was his impression of their stance as well.

Wow, I completely forgot about that. I wonder if Moore is going to have a sense of humor about being made fun of.

I believe (if I am not mistaken) that Stone has commented that he didn’t like the way he was used in that movie, or something of the sort.

Here’s an interesting early review from AICN. From the sounds of the review the movie is more a lampoon of Hollywood action films than a political polemic. It also sounds like it ridicules all sides pretty much equally.

IIRC, there’s some confusion over whether the animated segment in Bowling for Columbine was done by Parker or Stone, or just done in their style.

But yeah, they are living proof that Republicans can be funny – as soon as they stop being Republicans. :smiley:

Have you ever seen how he deals with hecklers? The guy can roll with the best of 'em:

(For those who missed it, Mike’s “two fingers” was the “Loser” sign)

Lamely and in a juvenile manner, usually.

I don’t know. I thought he made John McCain and pretty much the entire delegation of the RNC his bitches.

You thought that, but you were incorrect.

Moore should have done the Chuck Woolery “Two and Two” hand sign–for two months to the election and two months for Bush to pack his Bags.

Back to “Team America”. Alll it looks like it will be missing is the Devil being Sadaam’s bitch.

Yes, that would have been equally as juvenile, you’re right.