Team America: World Police. Real or Joke?

If this were anyone other then the South Park creators, I’d say it was definatly a joke, but I wonder… It looks like it could be really good, or really crappy.

Any thoughts?

I just found out about this too. I saw a banner for it on IMDB so I’d say it’s legit.

Thoughts? I’ll be first in line.

Um, wonder what? You mean whether its a real movie (it is).

Personally I think it’ll be fantastic. Parker & Stone are the perfect pair to make something like this. And an adult, terrorist-fighting “Thunderbirds” puppet movie is the perfect vehicle for them to do it in!

Given their (IMHO) fairly strong, pro-America theme of the “Osama bin ladin has Farty Pants” episode of SP, and the fact that (other then GWB) all the celebrities they list in the trailer as not going to like “Team America” are flaming liberals (Baldwin, Sarandon, Robbins, Moore etc.) I’m looking forward to it!

Parker & Stone hate Republicans and Democrats alike - I doubt they will go easy on either side.

Sounds a lot like how I feel. I think I’m going to enjoy the movie.

For shame. :wink:

As a long-time fan of the Supermarionation genre, I’m deleriously happy to see the work of Gerry Anderson suddenly getting attention. There was another parody a few years ago in the form of a television show called Super Adventure Team, but I don’t think it did very well, presumably because most people don’t even remember the shows it was making fun of. There was also a project to make a Captain Scarlet video game, but that fell through. But things are looking up – they recently released a live action movie based on Thunderbirds, and now this – Team America. Out of sight.

Someone forgot to tell Hail Ants that Parker & Stone were also responsible for “That’s My Bush!” :smiley:

“Episode 6, ‘Mom ‘E’ D.E.A. Arrest’ – The arrest of the one-millionth drug offender is taking place. George’s mom comes to visit, but Laura doesn’t want her in the ceremony. George’s mom refuses to be in the ceremony after hearing that Laura wants to be part of it. Meanwhile, George accidentaly takes ecstacy, instead of an aspirin, for his headache. He tells Princess to lock him in a room and never let him come out, but tricks Princess into letting him out. At the ceremony, Laura tells everyone that George had to leave, although while he is high he walks right into the middle of the ceremony. Then he decides the party is boring and turns it into a rave.”