Political Survey Redux

The Counterfactual Forum Political Survey


What do you identify yourself politically as?: Pragmatic, internationalist, centre-right neoconservative

What political party in the United States do you identify with the most?: The Republicans

What political party in the United Kingdom do you identify with the most?: The Conservatives

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being “He should be impeached” and 10 being “One of the best Presidents” how would you rate President Barack Obama of the USA so far?: 5

What country other then your home country do you favour the most?: Republic of Korea

What past politicians and political thinkers have influenced you the most?: Confucius, John Locke, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, William Gladstone, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, John McCain, William F Buckley, George Will

Foreign Policy

Do you support the US and Coalition Military Operations in Iraq?: Yes, Iraq is stabilizing now and we can begin to withdraw.

Do you support the US/NATO Military Operation in Afghanistan?: Yes, until Afghan police and army can handle the Taliban on its own.

Do you support any sort of intervention in Darfur (Military, humanitaritan, etc,)?: Humanitarian, limited military (ie commando operations).

What should be done with North Korea on the current nuclear crisis and the Cheonham sinking?: Continued blockade, sanctions, and isolation.

What is your opinion of the Dokdo dispute between the Republic of Korea and the Empire of Japan?: It is Korean Territory

What is your opinion of NATO and should it expand across Europe?: Yes, NATO should be a global alliance pact.

What should be done about Zimbabwe?: Continued isolation and sanctions but plan in case the government collapses

What should be done about the Mexican Drug Wars and should the US and other countries intervene?: Legalise marijuana, make drug dealing a crime punishable by life in prison (in the US), increase security on both sides of the border, and send all help Mexico asks for.

Do you support the military actions against pirates in Somalia and do you think more action should be taken?: Yes and a quick strike, no long-term occupation.

What should the solution to Israel/Palestine be?: Encourage a moderate Palestine state by helping the West Bank while still being stern against Gaza but make sure all of Jerusalem remains Israeli or an alternative would be having Palestine assimilate into Israel including giving all Palestinians Israeli citizenship eventually.


Should there be Universal Health Care or if there is in your nation do you support it ?: Maybe but the current bill is something I’m opposed to in many ways.

How should taxes be organized?: Roughly like now but reduce taxes on business and shift the burden onto personal incomes

How should the recession be ended?: Continued mix of regulation, strategic stimulus spending, and cutting taxes.

Do you support the US Government’s Economic Stimulus Plan?: Not the one passed, it was too large and cumbersome should have been more limited and strategically spent.

Should the automobile companies be bailed out by the US government?: Yes, it seems to have worked.

Is the minimum wage sufficent or not?: For now, due to the recession.


Do you support abortion and what restrictions should be placed on it?: No and it should be banned for all cases except if the mother’s life is in danger

Do you support gay marriage or civil unions or domestic partnerships?: Oppose, tolerate, and support respectively.

Do you think Creationism or Intelligent Design should or should not be taught in school?: No except in the sense that “Some religious people do not believe in evolution and believe their creation stories although others have tried to reconcile it.”

Do you think broadcasting, publishing etc. should be regulated for violence, profantity, sexuality etc.?: Mostly warnings.

How do you think birth control should be regulated?: Available to all above sixteen years of age.

Do you support prayer in schools and if so how much (voluntary or required?): Only if the students want to, no teacher led ones.

What is your opinion of capital punishment and which crimes should it be applied to?: Yes and for murder, treason, terrorism, and piracy.

How much should firearms and other weapons be regulated?: Limited, mostly as is now in the US.

Was the United States right in going to war against the secessionist Confederate States in the Civil War?: Yes

Was the United States justified on dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima?: Yes

Was colonialism or at least parts of it justified?: Some parts yes.

Was the American Revolution justified?: Yes although a peaceful situation was prefarable