Poll: Backup birth control

I tried a search and didn’t find a poll on this, and I was wondering:

Dopers who use birth control, how many of you use more than one form? The pill or Depo with condoms or a diaphragm, or any other combination. If you do, what kinds are you using?

No, no backup. No unplanned pregnancies, though, or even a scare in 25 years of using the pill. I’m married though, and already was before the world even learned about AIDS. If I were single now it might be a different story.

The pill with condoms here. I’m great on my pill use, I’ve never missed one, but you can’t be too careful about diseases. Everybody I’ve slept with has gotten frequent tests, but you never know.

No back ups here as well. I use condoms only. No problems.

Our “back up” might be abortion if you want to consider that an option but it’s never been an issue (after 3 years with the same woman).

Yes. I’m married, but we always use a condom, and we consider my IUD backup.

No backup now - IUD is very effective, and a baby wouldn’t be a tragedy. But, in my pre-marital days I was a big fan of condoms and foam (actually, a bigger fan of condoms and the sponge, until the sponge went away for a long time). Used the morning-after pill if there was ever any question about the condom.

Does having completely incompatible work schedules count as birth control? If so, that’s our primary method, and my IUD is backup.

I use the pill and no backup. I hate condoms, and the foam/gel/stuff makes me itch. I just make sure i take the pill correctly and at the same time everyday.

Pill. No back up.

Depo. No back up.

Pill. No back up.

No birth control here… but if I were to impregnate someone, that would definately be some kind of miracle :wink:

OTOH, for disease prevention, several methods are often utilized at once, which I suppose is the same thing.

Pill, condom backup. The whole disease thing, plus that getting pregnant could be medically, for me, a VERY bad idea. I’m considering getting myself fixed, but unless I’m married, condoms will be used no matter what.

Pill, no back-up.

Is it too much of a hijack to ask for more info on IUDs? All I know about them I learned in Sex Ed, when they told us they would give us horrible diseases and make us sterile. Presumably there are better ones now.

Vasectomy. No backup.

Just the pill here.

If I wasn’t married, I might use condoms as a back-up. But if we get pregnant, it wouldn’t be SUCH a big deal… So just the BC pill. :slight_smile:

The Patch. No backup.

Nuva-Ring. No backup.

Tubal ligation. Sadly, no back up needed these days…:frowning: