POLL:Did you receive a phone call from GWB asking you to vote by absentee ballot?

The Bush campaign has been using automated phone calls of GWB informing people that their absentee ballot request form will be arriving in the mail and that they should return it as soon as possible. There are several threads about this, such as this one. I know that they’re at least calling people in PA and MN and I’m curious about where else they’re calling. I’m also curious about who they’re calling since I know of at least 3 non-Republicans (including myself) who’ve received the call. Please post here if you’ve received the call and, if you don’t mind doing so, list your state and the political party you’re registered with (if any).

I didn’t answer you in my thread but, yes, mine was the same. I’m in Michigan. There are independents and a registered Republican in the household, so it’s inconclusive who they were calling for.

I got a call like that, but it was done by a human volunteer, and it was from the organization of Democratic Governor Joe Kernan. The caller offered to send me an app for an absentee ballot. I had her send me one for my wife, who was then working 12 hour days out of town.

We’re registered Democrats in Indiana. My Congressfool is Republican Mike Pence.

Since the call, I heard a news report saying that the Florida GOP had sent a letter to Republicans, suggesting that voting machines might be unreliable, and they should vote absentee. That’s when I went to the courthouse to get an app for myself as well. We will both be voting absentee, and “travelling elsewhere” on election day.

Gee Dubya left a message on my machine yesterday ::creepy:: hey! how did he get my number???

I did recieve my absentee ballot request form… I threw it away into the recycle bin! I actually go to he polls to vote. In fact I went to early voting last night.

Both my husband and I are regeistered Republican, because if we register independant you are restricted on what you can vote for in the primaries, but we are more Libertarian. We live in Nevada.

The message was on the machine yesterday. Didn’t surprise me much since everyone in the house votes Republican. We’ll probably be voting in person, since it’s hard to get an absentee ballot in this town, and we’ll actually, you know, be around.

I like voting in person - I vote for people in the local elections (if there’re running opposed, which isn’t a given) based on who is friendly going in to vote rather than by political party; be polite and/or amusing and give me a flyer and you’ve got my vote for district rep :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. I live in Michigan, in a household that includes several registered Democrats and one Green.

I hope you at least read the flyer first. I’d hate to think you were voting for the friendly neighborhood LaRouchie or someone equally as heinous.

Oh sure. So far none have said anything like " a vote for me is a vote for satan!" So far I haven’t done too badly. After all, none of the reps I voted for were later recalled for publicly saying that racial seperatism is good and beating your wife is okay - that happened way up state. Of course, he didn’t put those things in his flyer…

I mentioned it in another thread, but I got the call yesterday and the absentee ballot form arrived in the mail today.

My ballot arrived Tuesday, the day after I got the call. I go into some detail about it in this post if you’re interested.