I just voted for Barack Obama.

Via absentee ballot.
I’ll be crossing my fingers for the next few weeks, but my part is done.

(If there’s a better forum for this, feel free to move it.)

Yay! :smiley:

I could’nt register on time :frowning:

But I donated some money to his campaign, which helps somewhat, I suppose…

Congrats, and good vote!

I’ve been spooking my mailman this last week, dashing out as soon as I hear the telltale thump of the mail dropping into the box. Where the hell is my absentee ballot??!?

Good on you for taking care of it early!

There is no absentee voting here, as voting is all mail here. I’ve been waiting for it to show up, but I just learned that the registration deadline isn’t even passed yet. At this rate, I’ll have to send my ballot in as soon as I get it.

As did I, my good man. I’m volunteering tomorrow for a few hours, too.

Right next to my laptop is my early voting ballot from McCain’s home state. In a few minutes, I"m hoping in my car to mail it!

Interestingly, the first person on the ballot is Obama. Not sure if all Arizona ballots are like that.

Just sent mine and my mother’s. 2 more for Obama in Michigan.

You guys all rock!

I like the feeling I get standing in line, signing in, stepping into the booth, and pressing the button, so I always vote on election day. It just gives me a thrill to be part of that process.

So do I, but I’m going to be a little busy that day.

I love voting. It’s fun to participate!

I’m too busy this weekend, but next weekend I’m gonna go down to Toledo and…I don’t know what I’ll do exactly, but some people at my school who are more involved than me have hooked up with the Obama campaign there, so we’re gonna go down and help them turn Ohio blue!

I did take that Obama ballot to the post office today and mailed it.

However, I also mailed back the DVD for Dracula. Hopefully, there won’t be any confusion.

Early voting in Nevada begins on October 18th - the day I will be voting for Obama.
You can go to malls or grocery stores or libraries and cast your vote throughout Nevada starting the 18th. I believe it goes through the 30th of October, and then stops and you have to wait until Election Day if you miss the early voting location.

Shame on you.

Early voting in Georgia has already started- I voted for Obama Tuesday. We have those computerized ballots- I really miss the old voting booths. There was something very satisfying about throwing the lever.

Don’t they have early voting everywhere?

I’m not doing early voting, because I finally registered in the state where I’m a student, and that means I can vote in person. I’ve voted in every election since I was 18, but always by absentee. I’m actually quite looking forward to being able to go to a polling place.

The polling places are open already here- in GA, you don’t have to vote by absentee ballot to vote early. I thought they did that everywhere.

I voted for Obama on Thursday. I had to go down to the county courthouse and into the clerk’s office. Took maybe ten to fifteen minutes tops. Feels kinda weird knowing I have that over and done with. Now I’ve got an irrational fear that Obama is going to do something between now and Nov 4th to make me want to change my vote.

I’ve already marked my ballot for Obama. I just haven’t mailed it off yet because I haven’t made a decision on the other important positions(and referendums).

I don’t even particularly like Obama, but McCain started jabbing my sore spots with Palin and then proceeded to stick a knife into it with this “Obama loves Terrorists” BS. The kind of stuff that drove me away from the right in the first place back in 2001.

That and after having complete control of the government from 2000 to 2006, I hold the Republicans responsible for the shit we’re in now. Time to see if Obama can do better(He’d be hard pressed to do worse).

Sorry for the Rant.

Mine was - I did early voting this past Wednesday. I even got a sticker that says I voted early! Yay!

I kinda like the feeling, too. However, after waiting in line for over an hour during the primaries after a long day of work, I decided it wasn’t worth it because the alternative is rather convenient.

I feel no shame, sir(?). I do hope, however, that when, Og willing, Barack Obama is sworn in as President:

  • your economic prospects improve
  • your energy costs decrease
  • any relatives you may have in the military either come home safely or are redeployed with a more useful mission than today
  • your civil liberties are restored
  • your life improves in general
    Have a good day. :slight_smile: