I have my absentee ballot in front of me...

and I am going to vote for Obama right now.

Got my trusty pen.
oops, looks like I need a trustier pen than this one…one sec…

Here I go… filling in in the circle…

It is done.

Pretty cool.

Congratulations. I voted last week! :slight_smile:

I’m such a voting geek that I took a picture of my ballot before I mailed it!

Happy voting, everyone.

You’re not alone. :wink:

If I snapped a pic at the voting both, I wonder if anyone would say anything.

Doubtful. I heard a guy yesterday on NPR concerned with voter elimination (the forcing off the rolls of some listed voters) that one should take a camera, preferably video, with one to the polls and if prevented from voting record the whole thing and post it on Youtube or somewhere to document it for later challenge.

As for me? I’m as big a campaign geek as there is and I enjoy voting on election day. I enjoy the ceremony and taking the kids and such. Call me old fashioned.

Big signs at my polling place warning NOT to take pictures.

I’m a campaign geek too here; I wasn’t going to vote absentee, except I’m working the polls and while I’m in the same building as my precinct, I can’t be sure I’ll have time to actually VOTE there. At inspector training the clerk suggested that we bring food in case we’re so busy we can’t take proper lunch or dinner breaks. :eek: If there’s no room for a half-hour break to eat, there isn’t going to be time to wait in line either.

I was thinking of starting an “Ask the precinct inspector” thread but this is only my second election and I don’t know if anyone would be interested.