My absentee ballot finally arrived!

And I’ve voted! Woo-hoo!

dancing the participatory democracy dance

This headline from
*Obama Dominating Among Early Voters in Five Swing States *

I wonder if there is any established statistical precedent in early voting leads?

Oh, and thank you for voting!

I do take voting as a civic duty quite seriously, and I must say, this year it has extra resonance.

continuing to dance

Mine went in the mail this past Friday.


Mine just came yesterday. Now I just have to ask my dad which city councilmember and school district head is going to screw people over the least so I can fill in all those little bubbles below the governor line that I have absolutely no clue about. It’s tougher to care about your hometown directly affecting you when you’re 6000 miles from it and might not be back there for the next 2-4 years.

Mailed mine in on September 29. Personally, I just don’t understand people who won’t vote.