Poll: Dopers quantify your sexuality please

Not looking for prurient details here, only raw numbers on where you feel you fit on the Kinsey Scale which measures sexual orientation. Also your gender, if you’re willing.

I’m Planning on combining this with two other threads here at SDMB:

in hopes of getting enough numbers to make a statistically significant comparison as to how the population at SDMB compares to other populations.

If you’ve posted to the other threads, feel free to post here if you think your response has changed from the last posting. I will be cross-referencing posternames to avoid duplications, and the latest post rating for a given postername will be used.

So please review the criteria (and please account for fantasy, rather than just actual real life encounters) and give me a number if you care to. Also a gender based on external body morphology (innie vs. outie and I don’t mean belly-buttons).

Thanks for your consideration. I will not be making any money off of this study in any way that I can forsee. No email addresses will be shared based on this study either.


Male, somewhere between a 5 and 6.

Male, 0.

Male, 1

Female, 0. I will joke about other girls but I can’t say I’ve ever actually found one stimulating or physically attractive (besides to just look at.)

Male, 1

Male, 0

Female, somewhere between a 2 and a 3

Innie, 5

I’m sorry I’m so stupid. What does “incidentally homosexual” mean?

I masturbated into the fire pit while camping out with a buddy when I was 12. We had swiped some Playboys, and, well, you know…was that an incident?

Am I incidental?

Male, 0.

Didn’t we do this once before?


male 0.
If you use fractions, 0.5

Male, 2 or 3, depending on mood and general misanthropy.

4.5, if you (like me) consider the “0” and “6” options theoretical extremes that real people don’t actually fall under. If “0” and “6” are considered viable choices that probably bumps me up to a “5”.

Female, 0.

I’m in favor of everyone’s right to be whoever they are, whatever point on the scale they may be, but for myself, I’m just a boring zero.

Female 1

Female, 1.

Male, 0. Unless that rather disturbing dream I had when I was 15 counts.

Female, 5. And boy, I find myself delurking for the oddest things.

male, 0
well, I’d like to say 0, but I’d have to agree with Lamia that they are just theoretical extremes. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever found another male stimulating, so I’d have to say I’m 0.00001 or someting like that