Poll: For what crime(s) would you turn in a loved one?

Yeah. And PM me your address, would you, jtur?

I would turn in anyone who had this attitude. It’s criminal.

This. I find it hard to imagine I would still love someone who was raping children, or whatever.

But I’ll go answer the poll re close relatives, because I think that’s what you actually meant.

Okay, okay, I’ll pretend that could happen, and I still love the person, and take a stab at the poll…

I see I’m in the minority who would turn in a relative for DUI. That seems like one of the easier ones. My relative probably wouldn’t be imprisoned, they’d likely just lose the right to drive. Which would be a good thing for all concerned.

I was more troubled about the (other) drug offenses, because those have been demonized and we just lock people up rather than try to treat them. I think I’d try a lot of private stuff before considering the law for a drug offense.

Crimes against persons are an automatic phone call.

Crimes against property don’t excite the same sense of outrage, but I would take a second look at that position if a family member was running a ponzie scheme financed by elderly folks’ life savings, for example.

Traffic crimes are minor. The police patrols can sort those out.

Crimes against country would be taken seriously, with a fairly low threshold needing to be crossed in order for me to make that call.

Fine. I have acquaintances that will make you wish the cops had been called. But they won’t bother you just for the hell of it, they won’t keep 10% of your bail money after your parents mortgage their house, they don’t get paid by the government to debate your high-priced lawyer, and you won’t wind up in a prison owned and run by a corporation listed on the stock exchange.

US here.

cocaine and heroin dealing, drugs and weapons smuggling, extortion, blackmail, arson, and all the variations on stealing, all the domestic violence charges, all the rape charges, basically all the violent crimes, espionage and treason and murder/serial murder.

Some of the crimes listed are, to me, just obviously wrong no matter the circumstances. Some, notably, murder and assault (and battery) for me are circumstance dependant, except serial murder. Espionage and treason, well heck what can I say, I love my country, if it is espionage against another country, yeah, I still would, just so I could clear my conscience and hand it off to someone better equipped to handle it.

Probably won’t respect due process either.

You first. Don’t worry, the police will protect you.

IfI PM you my address, and I get robbed, you’ll be the only suspect. Good luck with due process.

Do you know who you’re talking to? :smiley:

No idea, just the screen name. That’s why I said “You first”.

Oooh. Internet tough guy. “you know people.” Well, I AM people. So there.

What’s the difference between murder and serial murder then?

I guess killing the same person, repeatedly. Some people just don’t stay dead, no matter how hard they’re put down.

Fair point. For “murder” perhaps you should read the question to suggest that you know of a single murder committed by your loved one; and for “serial murder” that you know of two or more.

Aren’t you getting kinda personal here? And the poster who asked me for my home address? Stick to “just asking questions”.

I don’t care who someone kills, or attempts to kill, they are going down - here is the thing, all those who think they have the right to make a decision to report someone should consider that whatever you might know about a criminal, you only know the tip of the iceberg.

That violent spouse abuser, or that embezzler is likely to have a string of other crimes that are undetected - the police need every legal tool they can get, who knows, that small time dealer might also be a murderer, child molester of anything at all, every criminal has a criminal past that needs to be resolved

Given that I work with criminals every day, I know this to be a fact

So, apart from the non-felonies - everything else is fair game.

-For me it probably depends a lot on which specific loved one and which specific “crime”.
-You might totally get a pass on murder or burglary depending on the circumstances.
-I think I’d be more pissed about them stealing cheap stuff over very expensive stuff.
-For DUI are we talking plastered or .08% BAC? I might if it were a recurring theme, otherwise no.

I voted none of the above. No matter what my loved ones do, I’m not calling the cops.

On the other hand, if I knew for sure that one of my loved ones was raping and/or killing children, an accident would happen. I would give them a quick, clean death at least.

You wouldn’t be able to turn them to law enforcement, but you’d be able to kill them yourself???

And vigilante justice isn’t a good thing.

I doubt you would anyway, that’s the kind of things people say they would do, but never do in reality.

As for myself, regarding the OP, that’s the kind of situation where you never know how you would react if you were facing it. Would you run into the burning house to rescue the child? Would you take up arms to fight tyranny? Would you turn in your son upon discovering he’s a serial rapist? I won’t take answers to this kind of questions at face value if you haven’t actually been in that situation.

Also, I think that people who answered “my loved ones are good people and would never do such a thing” are cheating.