Poll, How Goth are you?

Here is a scale to measure yourselves against

0: Only ever wears bright colors.
1: Ocasionally wears dark clothes, sometimes goes out at nightime
2: Has heard of “Sisters of Mercy”
3: Looks good in Black
4: Has heard Gothic music live
5: Dresses Goth, but only for special parties
6: Dresses Goth when not at work
7: Dresses Goth even at work
8: Has played in a Goth band
9: So Goth you don’t need to wear Goth clothes to appear Goth
10: Turns to dust whenever exposed to sunlight.

Bippy, 5.5

well, uhm 6 without trying.
and i did pitch up at work with black fingernails once (almost got me fired)
and, ah, some people at work are scared of me, they say i look like a goth even though they have only seen me in work uniform(and a damn shitty uniform at that)
so, does that make me a 9?

Maybe a 1. Probably closer to .75, depending on what you mean by “go out at nighttime.” I mean, I saw Corky Siegel and Kurt Elling a week ago, but I don’t think that does too much for my goth bona fides!

And I’m assuming the Sisters of Mercy aren’t the nuns at the catholic school down the block…

Natch I’ve heard of Sisters of Mercy – who doesn’t love Leonard Cohen?

I’m about a 5, but if you’d caught me in high school, I’d’ve been a 7.


lol…8.5. Our once a month club ran this Saturday just gone…yay! hell I have been goth since the 80’s and too old to change now :slight_smile:

Same excuse for me, UnwrittenNocturne. I’ve tried other looks, but it suits me and my personality the best, and I just don’t feel comfortable looking “normal”.

I’m about a 7, BTW.

According to my friends, I’m a 9.

They’ve said I would still be goth driving my 2.5 kids in a minivan from soccer practice on the way to Home Depot to buy yellow paint for my breakfast nook, or words to that effect.

Last week, a temp came into my (bright, colorful) office, spoke with me about Excel for a few moments, and then asked if I was goth.

I must give off goth pheromones.

0, however I do go to movies at night sometimes so maybe 0.5. If you count blue as a dark colour then I may even be a 1.

  1. If I want people to notice I’m different, I’ll save money on face paint and just act crazy instead of look it. In fact, I frequently do that.

7, but I’m a teenager trying to annoy my parents.

  1. Well, my socks are black today…

Out of curiousity, are there black goths-- that is, Af.-Am.?


Lol. I do not know any goths who use face paint…except for Halloween. Lots of todays ‘spooky kids’ (read Marilyn Manson fans) do though. they are not really goth though. I settle for a little eyeliner, black clothes for everyday use (it does go with everything, especially with black). the only time I erally get ‘dressed up’ is for clubbing.

Maybe I am just making a kind of plea not to confuse goth with spooky. Ah well…need a little gothic smilie now :wink:

Probably a 3 or 4. There were times in my life when I was “goth-ier” than that. My kids can’t believe I’m old enough to have seen Ozzie singing live with Black Sabbath (in Memphis no less !! :D)

I’d have to say 3, but only because I’ve always felt that black is a slimming color. Wardrobe color aside, however, I’m probably the least Goth person on the planet (next to my fiancee, that is).



Maybe a 6 or so.

Pale skin, red lips, red hair, black clothes…however, I don’t think I look terribly gothic. I like punk a lot better.

Check out the site in my sig for pics of our group.

Now that I’m all suburban mommy I barely rate a 5.

I can’t really rate myself on this. I kind of swing back and forth between the extremes. I own a buttload of black clothes, and at the moment my hair is dyed black, I’m really pale and I love the nighttime.
But… my hair is black mainly because I dyed it like 7 different colors over a period of 3 or 4 months - I went from red to bleached orangey, then put pink streaks in that, re-did the pink streaks when they faded after about a week, put in fuschia tips, then dyed the whole thing light brown, about two weeks later dyed it all dark blue, then went home for Christmas break and attempted to dye over the blue with dark brown and it came out this weird greenish-black color with brown roots. So I dyed it black because it looked awful and now I’m letting it grow out. I wear a lot of black, but I also love wearing bright orange and hot pink, and anything that is sparkly and/or fuzzy. I wear black eyeliner most of the time, but pink lipstick. So… hm.

I guess I kinda swing back and forth between a .5 and a 6.5, depending on my mood and the occasion. I’m useless, I know. :slight_smile:

About 5. Used to be 6 or so. Not goth enough for the gothier than thou crowd, as not looking goth 100% of the time, but goth enough to never miss Goth Night at a certain small Cambridge nightclub. I suppose I was the College Goth for our college for a year or so, in the absence of gothier opposition.

Every Oxford or Cambridge college has a College Goth or two, just like every small town or village has a Village Goth.

What this country needs is more beered-up 30 year old goths in tight trousers. None of these young children in their minging Slipknot T shirts calling themselves goths. Not fit to dust excess flour off Carl McCoy’s hat. Feh.

5 for sure.
6 has been done.
thats about it
oh and
9 has been brought to my attention by my friends sometimes.