Poll: how many colors of socks do you have?

Three: white, black, tan.

(used to have a red pair, but threw them out since I never wore them)

blue jean color, grey, khaki.

That I wear regularly, maybe four: black, navy, gray and brown. I do have some white ones but only wear them in really cold weather. They’re knee-length and thick so they’re useless in warmer weather.

In the past I’ve had some red ones, but I think I managed to lose them. Or burn them.

Zero. I don’t wear socks.

Lots. I mostly wear white socks with my sneakers.

But I have white, blue, black and tan (at least) in dressier styles.

And then I have those with designs such as kitties or angels on them. (Those were mostly presents. But I seem to be wearing them these days).

Every color imaginable. Normal white socks, fuzzy pink socks, socks with cats, socks with bats…

And the REAL joy is, I never even bother to make sure they match.

One: black. I used to have some blue ones, but one of each pair seems to have gone to the Twilight Zone through the secret portal in the dryer, and the remaining ones don’t match.

I envy you olivesmarch4th. I only have white socks, but they’re different brands with different tops and toe patterns. And I HAVE to have two that match before I can put them on. Drive my wife nuts. I’ve been known to spend a good 10 minutes trying to fine two that match.

And to answer the OP, one, white. Although, many different styles and brands.

White, black, grey, tan, brown, dark blue.

My brother (who dresses a bit of a preppie) favors bright pink and yellow socks, but he has to get them in women’s sizes.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, my non-matching drives my husband bonkers.
One day I was especially interested in looking nice, so I came out in a red shirt and red socks and said, “Look! My socks match my shirt!”

He looked at me flabbergasted and said, “I’m surprised your socks match your socks!”

I have black and white no-show socks for sneakers.

And a smattering of black argyle socks.

Black, white, 4 shades of brown, 2 shades of grey, and some “undescribables.”

By my count: 8+

Wanna know how many pairs of shoes I have? :smack:

I have crew and ankle height white running socks. All identical for each type. A half dozen pairs of identical grey hiking socks. A dozen identical pairs of black dress socks. Several pairs of tan and blue dress socks. I hate to sort and match them after washing, so I always buy multiples.

Black, grey, brown, tan, and white for the main colors. Some of them have designs on them, such as little flowers or argyle. So some of them have pink, orange, red, blue, etc. as an accent color. Mostly I go with plain black or brown, though, depending on what color shoes and pants I’m wearing. I only wear my white socks during my workouts because my sneakers are the only pair of white shoes I own (except some sandals but I don’t wear socks with those, of course).

All black except one pair of white knee long fencing socks.

I buy the same type of black socks all the time, makes it a lot easier to sort the laundry.

I wear black socks, and only black socks.

I don’t think of my socks in terms of color.

More colors than I can count. Most of my socks are black, but I have socks in every color of the rainbow. I like socks, I like fun socks (toe socks , striped socks, argyle socks, socks with pictures on them, etc.), and I’m knitter, so I have a lot of hand knit socks in a wide variety of colors.

Every sock my fiance owns is black.

Black, a black/white mix and then a few blue or yellow (the yellow are my pick-me-up socks, they have ducks on them)

I usually buy a bunch of one type of sock and wear them all the time.

I’m also a knitter, but I have yet to finish a pair for myself. Currently I’m almost done one sock… if I ever do finish them, and a few others I’ll have a few more colours.

Two. White and black.