Poll - Internet life and you

I intend this as a serious question:

On a scale of one through ten, ten being strongest:
Where does online life rank for you, personally, by priority?

Honestly I’d have to say for myself it’s about 9.75. :o
I admit it. I’m a net junkie.

Online life?

Before discovery of the SDMB: 2.75.

Since discovery of the SDMB: 9.75.

Serously, though, it depends on what you mean by “Online Life”.

I do most of my shopping (except for groceries, Q-Tips, etc.) online. And God knows I spend more time putzing around HERE than I should during a workday…

But I don’t have a computer at home, so my nights, weekends, and fake-sick days :wink: are internet-free.

Plus I come from an alarmist family full of old women, many of whom have seen one too many Oprah episodes (and/or read one too many Dear Abby columns) dedicated to the tragic rape and murder of girls by freaks they’ve met via the internet.


And I suppose it’s true to some extent, but the general Family Impression is that the Internet is replete with loser freaks, and that NOTHING good can come of it.

Hence I think any impending internet addiction I might develop would be drastically cut short by a full-on Family Intervention. :wink:

9.99. I have very little, if any at all, life outside the internet. I have no friends here in NYC, so mostly I just talk to my SO and a couple of other people on AIM, read the STMB, and write lots of e-mail. The only other things that I do are going to work and school, and studying. Yeah, it’s pathetic, and very, very depressing. :frowning:

At least a 9.2 – I’m a full-blown net addict.

8.5 Very pregnant mother of an 18 month old. This is where I get to talk to adults. Plus I do shop for specialty items on line, ie. spices, uniforms for my husband, books, etc.

I’d say about a 4.5.

I like to “surf” a bit every day, but the world doesn’t end if I don’t. If I go on holidays for 2 weeks I don’t miss it, nor get right onto the computer as soon as I get back.

I would not use an internet cafe or anything else if I was in a different city… I just wouldn’t bother.

Well, at least I’m not alone in feeling too totally :o!

Before I discovered ICQ, the SDMB, and other goodies on the Net: maybe about a 5

After I discovered all that good stuff: maybe an 8 or higher :eek:
Of course, I do have a life outside the Internet… as in real-life friends that I mostly see on the weekends; real-life grocery shopping; going to the library, bookstore, or what have you; etc.

I can relate to what auntie em said about her family being alarmist, though. My brother and sister always say that I shouldn’t talk to strangers on ICQ; apparently, their ICQ contact lists contain only their friends! :rolleyes: Maybe that’s so, but I have met a fair number of interesting people on ICQ. (and even continue talking to them to this day, so there! :p)

My mother hears all the stories about Internet pervs stalking teens and women, so every so often she asks me if I’ve ever gone into a chat room. I have; not often, but I have… I’ll lie to her to make her feel better, and also to take some heat off me! :smiley: She also asks me if I have ever given out my address and phone number on the Internet… of course not! Sheesh… I know better than that! :rolleyes:

But yeah, the Internet’s important to me… my sister seems to think I’m addicted to it! :eek: Apparently, so does my mom… when I went out to a restaurant last weekend to celebrate my friends’ birthdays, I over heard her making some comment to my sister along the lines of: “Well, it’s a good thing that she actually has a social life…” Never mind what I thought of that one! :rolleyes:

Yep, exactly the same for me :smiley:

5 out of 10

I’m basing this on:

  • my low post counts here @ sdmb since I started April 2000;
  • the amount of free time spent on the net is less than half of the free time I spend on other stuff;
  • my SO takes up a lot of the other half of my free time :D;
  • I don’t play many online games other than BARP, which was a limited run since it’s about to shut down, and Graal, briefly

In all things pertaining to moi, I’m a 10 - including my addiction to the internet. :smiley:

Yeah, I’m a full-on internet addict. It all started about 3 years ago when I was preparing for my upcoming nuptials. I started surfing around looking for advice on things like caketoppers and the perfect tiara and next-thing-ya-know, I’m on some web message board chatting it up with other recently-wed and soon-to-be brides like myself.

I even went so far as to meet a bunch of these women in Chicago. I know no one in Chicago and a part of me was convinced that I would walk into a hotel lobby filled with drooling teenage boys.

But, just a few weeks ago, I had a large falling out with a chunk of them. Things had gotten really ugly - where secondary boards were created to talk about people and private email exchanges were taking place. Then one of the emailers would forward on the exchange to the person the emails were about. Hey, I participated in a chunk of it so I don’t want to be entirely hypocritical here but I finally had enough. It was grown married women, most of them in their thirties and many of them with babies, behaving like middle school catty girls. I spoke up and they turned on me like a bunch of harpies… I’m no longer there but I’ve been informed they’ve taken to talking about the size of my ass. ooookaaaay…

Anway, the point of that story (and yes, there was one) was to say that it was a big wake-up call to me when I realize how hurt and devasted I was about what had transpired. That’s when I realized that my little internet board had become a bit too much of the focus in my life.

The good thing out of all of it is that I met someone who lives in my area and she is very cool and we have become friends off (I would say in spite of) that board. It’s hard for me to imagine that our paths would’ve crossed any other way and for that experience leading me to find her, I’m thankful.