Poll: Parody or real?

Is this a parody or is this real? Your thoughts on this video I found on YouTube, please. Explanation for your position would be nice as well.


Sorry, I think I only lasted 2 seconds listening to that voice and looking at that face and given the title…nope. Had to close the tab.

So, I guess I hope it’s a parody? Poor kid.

I don’t think it’s meant as a joke.

I feel sorry for the poor kid, too.

I don’t even have audio where I am right now, and I barely made it 5 seconds. That poor kid looks like T’Pol and Flukeman spawned.

The kid seemed so messed up and weird that I thought for sure it was a joke… but now I don’t think it is a joke. Which is a total mindfuck. Oddly, he has a LOT of subscribers, which I’m not really sure what to make of.

I too lasted about 10 seconds, maybe.

It’s hard to believe that he’s bright enough to do a parody though.

Sorry, after 10 seconds I have to pound nails into my eyeballs and ear drums.

Heh, I’ve seen this kid before, dunno what the video was about. Definitely real.

I’ve also seen this kid before giving movie reviews, so I think he’s legit. Also, if it’s a parody, how did he get the braces, the acne? That would be a lot of effort to go to for such a minor piece of ‘comedy’.

Real. He’s in the midst of the thankfully short-lived awkward stage of adolescence. Some kids just get the short end of the stick. Poor guy. He’ll grow out of it.

But why in hell does he have 35,000 subscribers? And why is every comment a hostile reaction? The combination is just odd.

Real. In fact, not sure what it would be a parody of. Just a kid with braces and a slightly odd voice. The webcam is not entirely in synch with the sound.

Real. I don’t even think it’s that weird, considering.

Well, it could be a parody, but I’m not convinced.