Poll: Reunions & Old Friends

I wonder…what is the Board’s reaction when they either (a) hear of a reunion or (b) run into a face from the past. The former can be a class reunion, army buddies, or a reunion of work buddies from an old job - as opposed to a family reunion that has issues outside the scope of this thread!

a) Do such things cause a sudden feeling of (good) butterflies-in-stomach nervousness OR sick-to-my stomach dread inside?

b) And, if the latter for you too, how to explain to closer friends who’d wish you’d attend? (For me, it’s the latter…but it’s nothing personal, really!)

  • Jinx :confused:

I love running into old friends. And, I helped plan my 10 year class reunion, so it goes without saying that I looked forward to that too.
As far as your feeling dread, can you pinpoint why? Is it because you are unsure what to say, or because you dislike these people and don’t want to see them? If it is the latter, my advice is not to go. Why cause yourself distress over people you don’t even care to see?

I love reunions! My 30th is coming in July and I can’t wait. I love seeing people after long absences, regardless of the relationship. I have one of the best family reunions each summer. We just love getting together.