Poll: What do you think of Obama?

Pretty self-explanatory title. I have decided to provide a poll here after the health care thing and let’s see what everyone on SDMB thinks. Just for fun. Not intending to start any huge debates.

I voted not as much as I’d hoped. He’s wasted a year [del]sucking up to[/del] trying to work with a Republican congress that had no intention of working with him from day one, hence a weak healthcare reform law without the Public Option. He’s backed away from important campaign promises. Drilling anyone? Even seemingly simple things are taking forever to accomplish, if they happen at all, e.g., repeal of DOMA and DADT, closing Guantanamo, etc…

I voted for Obama, and although I know we’re better off with him at the helm than Bush, or any Republican I can think of for that matter, I’m becoming increasingly impatient and frustrated that the agenda he campaigned on is beginning to reveal itself as simply pablum for the plebes.

Well, let’s see -
[ol][li]he added $787 billion to the deficit his first year[/li][li]he is currently proposing a deficit of $1.56 trillion[/li][li]IOW, he wants to increase the national debt by more than every other President in history combined[/li][li]his health care bill costs a lot and does essentially nothing about health care inflation[/li][li]he closed Yucca Mountain and then proposed more nuclear power[/li][li]openness in government - ha![/li][li]Other stupid shit I am too irritated to bother about[/ol][/li]
On the up side, he now supports off shore drilling, and he has not closed Gitmo (yet).

I’m hoping for large gains for the Republicans in November so that he will be prevented from further acts of stupidity.


I think we are all in denial if we make excuses for Obama.

He’s slowly taking all of my money and giving it to other people that don’t deserve it. Everything else pales in comparison.

'Course, Congress isn’t off the hook either.

He is begining to make Jimmy Carter look like a good president.

Denial of what? What needs to be “excused?”

He’s doing a pretty decent job under the circumstances. He inherited a near depression and two armed conflicts after all.


The stim package worked.

He got HCR passed despite the obstructionism of the Republicans and the hysterical propoganda campaign from the right wing media.

He popped those pirates’ heads. That was pretty cool.

He drew down in Iraq like he said he would.

He’s gone a long way towards reestablishing American credibility with the rest of the world.

He’s had no scandals.

He’s shown a consistently cool temperament under fire.

He’s really done nothing bad, despite all the fraudulent attempts to blame him for Bush’s recession (kind of interesting how those deficit numbers jump up after we actually put Iraq on the books, huh?).

He could have been more aggressive on some things, and he’s probably tried too hard to reach out to Republicans when it’s clear they don’t have the slightest interest in problem solving, but all in all, he’s done ok. A hell of a lot better than Sarah fucking Palin could ever do, that’s for sure.

I voted that he’s the Anti Christ. Mostly because I could. But also, cuz it’s Easter, and if Jesus sees His shadow on Sunday, then it’s still about 3 weeks till the NFL draft. Or something. I never was good at religion.

He’s the shit.

Now, my Pubbie friends, be sure to mark that down a “strongly negative” vote in this poll. I mean, I compared Obama to feces–isn’t that as negative as you get?

I heard that Fucking is actually Sarah Palin’s middle name.

I’d hit it. Would prolly tell her my name is Translucent Daydream, but I’d definitely hit it.

Hey by the way, if the Antichrist goes to a Catholic service and eats the host, does he explode in a massive Christ/Antichrist reaction?

Not if Sister Mary Knucklecrusher can reroute warp power through the altar.

I think he’s doing OK

My one big goal for his presidency was health care reform, and he got it done. Not as well as I hoped, but it has the key features I want.

I’d hit it too. Preferably with a closed fist.

You missed an option. “He’s a politician; I trust him as far as I could throw him.”

Well, if fisting is your kink, maybe you oughta go to more Republican events. I hear they hang out at BDSM clubs…

Could it possibly be more than the war we were lied into cost?