Poll: What kind and how fast is your Internet Connection?

We’re the DSL turtles in the Comcast commercials. Supposedly 768 kbps down, 384 up. Musicat’s tests gave about 655 down, 330 up. We had dialup until a few months ago, 28 kbps on a good connection, so it feels fast to us.

Right now, we’re on some special rate, unlimited usage for $10 / month. When that ends, and the kids are older, we may move up.

I get 8.3 Mbps down and 1.2 up. I use Optimum Online cable connection. I used to get 11 Mbps down and 1.7 up. I guess 8.3Mbps is still decent.

Once in a while it will drop to 1.5 Mbps down for a few minutes. The drop is actually noticeable when watching Youtube videos. The rest of the internet loads at the same speed.

I get 5.6 MBS download but only 123 kbs upload. This is cable- and it costs me $90 a month (25 gb limit).

I don’t think that the SpeakEasy test that Musicat linked to is at all accurate. It claims that I get more than 2 Mbps. I have lived her for 2 years and I’ve never seen a download break 400 kbps sustained.

Are you confusing bits and bytes?

The test is measured in bits per second. Your downloads are usually measured in bytes per second.

400 Kilobytes per second is the same as 3.2 Megabits per second.

3mb down, 768k up. Highest offered here with AT&T DSL service. Apparently I am just out of range to get the next speed, which is 6mb down, 1mb up. If I weren’t moving in only 3 months, I’d be tempted to talk them into trying the next speed anyway, but it isn’t worth the hassle.

Thanks for pointing that out- I thought it was too good to be true. I d/l at 727.9 KB/s and upload at 15.5 KB/s. Very ordinary. Unless I have screwed it up again :slight_smile:

100/100 Mb/s fiber connection. In reality the connection is a bit slower, something like 70/70 Mb/s, but then I also get my TV through the internet, which uses up something like 5 Mb/s, I believe.

ADSL here. “Unlimited” speed d/l, actually about 4.8 Mbps, and 128 kbps u/l. Supposed to be upgraded to ADSL 2+ in the next year or so. Costs $NZ39.95/mth with a 3 GB data cap, after which it reduces to dialup speed (64k).

You Swedes have all the luck!

Seriously, is this a residential connection? If so, is it typical and affordable for the average user or are you a power user with great political connections?

My shop runs Comcast business pro package, guarenteed 12MBit p/s tested it a couple days ago at 21Mbit p/s.

2.5 Megabytes per second. :cool:

Of course in a shop where you might have 5 machines downloading 79 windows updates at the same time you kinda have to have that kinda speed to get by.

I have Comcast and the same blazing speed . However, I see no way they are **more ** evil than Cablevision. :wink:

Yes, it’s residential, it’s in my flat. It is fairly common to have these kinds of connections, especially for newer bulidings. The best part is that it costs me nothing. (well, it’s a part of the rent, really, but it’s not something I get a bill for anyway).

Part of the rent? Wow. Do you have a transfer cap? I’m allowed to download 60 gigabytes per month without additional fees, and I usually download about 10. Unless I go through one of my video-downloading phases, but those aren’t often.

Nope, no limit. :cool:

I’ve got Rapid Communications internet here. Cable.
1002 kbps - down
249 kbps - up
They suck, as their internet connection is down a lot of the time. Especially in the fall/winter/spring, when the temperature drops below 39F.
Given the area I live, there is nothing else available, other than dial-up. We do have DishTV, but we’ve heard so many bad things about satellite internet, we’ve just stayed with the cable connection.

I’m on DSL. Per the test site that GuanoLad posted, I’m running at 5 mbs download, and 375 kbs upload speed.

Satellite. They claim it’s 1.5M/256K but really it’s a bit better than half of that. The latency issues between requests prohibits online gaming type activities, and the 17 Gig monthly download limit makes streaming video undesirable (They start to throttle you at 15Gig on a rolling 30 day period).

There are no other options here in LA (lower Alabama). We are just barely too far out to get DSL and cable is unavailable.

Stolen unsecured wireless connections from neighbors’ Comcast services.

About as fast as I’ve ever seen.

I live out in the country and don’t have many options. Dial-up or satellite, both of which suck. The best option I found is Sprint Mobile Broadband. It works through cell phone towers, and if you pull the right strings you can get it for $50 a month. It works through a USB adapter or laptop card, and I bought a wireless router that the laptop card plugs into and routes the connection to my whole house.

It wasn’t this good at first, but right now I’m getting about 1 megabit down and 200 kilobytes up.

Verizon has the same sort of thing, but they limit you to 5GB a month, which is probably fine for most users.

Anyway, if you’re out in the country and can’t get DSL or cable but can get cell service (my tower is 6 miles away), this might be something to look into.