Poll: What Most Frightens You ?

for me it’s: sociopaths.



I’m afraid of polls.

I don’t remember really being afraid of anything until I had children. Now everything scares me. Strangers that look at my kids for too long. Staircases. Teenage boys (well, not all teenage boys, just the one in particular that lives down the street). Large crowds when I am with an unruly 2 year-old. Reports of missing children are the cause of my most heart-stopping nightmares. Basically, now that I am a mother, I am afraid of everything.

Oh, and I am deathly afraid of raw chicken.

I’m not sure if this counts as a “fear”…

I am disgusted by creatures that have no skeleton (worms, snails, etc.), but I’m not actually afraid of them… they offend me, and I kill them with great relish.


Not necessarily in that order. I am phobic to a Mt. Everestian degree about both.

You always told us it was sock monkeys!


“The most frightening thing I know is that everyone has their reasons.” - Jean Renoir

@%% Hippies.

“You don’t really want to hurt anybody, do you?”

growing up

running out of beer

or worse, running out of beer and finding out i’ve run out of smokes too

I’d have to go with hippies too.

Trains. They just freak me the hell out. Especially at night. shudder

George W. Bush

A tie between cancer and loneliness.


Being completely dependent on others.


Torture. The prospect of myself or anyone else being tortured. By a state or a lone nutjob or any entity in between.