Poll: With what do you defend your home?

In relation to this thread here about locking your doors, say you were at home, doing what you do, and you heard someone obviously trying to get in to your home/apartment/yurt, whatever. I’m talking an obvious stranger at an odd time. What do you have in your home to defend yourself?

I, personally, believe in the pump shotgun. Not only is aim not much of an issue with a pump loaded with birdshot, but it’s not going to over penetrate walls in the case of actually having to fire. However better even than that, there isn’t a person alive in the world who mistakes the racking sound of chambering a shell for anything else. It’s a universal sign for “Stop what you are doing, now”.

Um…well I don’t have a gun.

I do, however, have a bokken (a Japanese practice sword) and a machete. I am fairly good with both.

Now neither of these are as scary or have the potential stopping power of a gun, but I don’t live in a bad or isolated neighborhood.

If I had a gun, I would insist it remain unloaded and properly put away, so I can’t see what good it would do me except to point it at people, and if I’m doing that, I may as well point my SO’s air pistol which looks VERY real (even weighted like a real one) and may actually sting if I hit someone!

I guess I am not too worried about my house being broken into. I lock my doors all the time, and put the chain on most of the time too. My SO doesn’t even like to sleep with the balcony door open (although I have done it - they are not going to cllimb up 20 feet quietly in the well-lit complex, over a 5-foot balcony wall, through my plants, rip the screen door off its hinges, since I always lock that, and get in without tripping over anything).

A T-ball bat.
Hardwood chairs.
A very loud voice.
A very quiet neighborhood.

But mostly me.

Nothing. First, I don’t expect anyone to break into my flat when I’m at home. Second, if I heard someone breaking in, I’d call the police (who, incidentally, don’t carry guns) then exit via the back door.

My possessions really aren’t worth putting myself in danger. Even if I had a weapon, I don’t think I should want to injure someone for trying to steal my CD player.

Baseball bat and 911

One Border Collie,
One Karelian Bear Dog,
One Motion Sensor Light
and one very big mouth.

Oh and I lock the front door.

I have two big and growly dogs. Anyone trying to break in would think twice when they heard them. Of course, when they get a look at the old, barrel chested, graying black lab they might giggle it off. But when the Rott mix flys into the room I think they’d stop laughing pretty quick.

But, I do own a couple of semi-autos (9mm and .22) as well as an assult pump shotgun with a short barrel, heat shield, and pistol grip. If the “shrack-shrack” of racking the gun wouldn’t freak them out the sight of the gun will. It’s pretty mean looking.

I don’t consider the guns as home defense as much as something I use to break old TV’s and computers. I think the dogs do a pretty good job by themselves (of protecting the home, not breaking tv’s).

12 gauge pump, #4 shot

Various bladed weapons

If I am not in fear of my life, I would try to thump on the intruder with an oosik. (If for no other reason than to hear him complain about it in court. “He hit me with the penis bone of a walrus!”)


My dad has a gun, but I’d never use it if he wasn’t here. We have security doors on all the doors that stay locked at all times. My parents are freaks about it. It’s a good idea too since we’ve had several cars broken into over the years, and people are ALWAYS stealing things out of our front yard. If you leave the lawn mower unattended out there, 10-1, it’ll be gone.

Aside from that, we have several large dogs including two Irish wolfhounds that are essentially harmless, but very loud and very large. The other dogs are little but very eager to guard the house and its occupants. Plus my sister just moved back in with an American bulldog. He’s also very loud and protective. The front porch light stays on all night, and the garage has a motion sensor in front of it.

Joe: border collie/black lab mix, his snarling, snapping, growly bark would frighten off the devil

Katie: bassett hound, her huge booming bark sends even religious solicitors running

If they make it past the dogs, Harry the attack kitty, will scratch them to death with her razor sharp claws.

We keep the entryway light and the front porch light on after dark. We leave the light on over the stove at night as well. It’s never completely dark in the house.

A cell phone (to call 911) and harsh, even abusive, language.

But the OP gives me an idea; maybe from now on, I’ll keep a tape player by the door, cued up to play the sound of pump-action shotgun racking a shell.

hey Seven is that shotgun a spas-12 by any chance?

Baseball bat and 28 years of repressed anger. Better yet, if my tools are home 28 oz framing hammer.

I like guns but don’t really beleive in them for home defense. Too much chance for tradgedy. Not to preach to you gun owners, make your own choices, by all means.

Nope. It’s a good old Mossberg 500 with mods - Picture here

You can see it versus a computer in a splended, choppy, gif animation here :smiley: :smiley:

My city has a really good response time on 911, and that’s what I’d reach for first. I have firearms in the house, but I’ll never be as good at crime response as the police are.

Sampson- one big ol’ hunk of Rottweiler

Schroeder- one little ol’ hunk of pit mix
They probably wouldn’t do anything besides bark but they sure look scary.

One declawed cat (she was declawed when I got her, OK?) who might glare mightily at any intruder before fleeing upstairs.

And, at least for the time being, my finish nailer that’s in the kitchen while I do a bit of trim work.

And it’s real probable that any intruder would break his neck on the crap I usually have cluttering up the floor.

Mossberg .12 GA with double ought and slugs. If it’s serious enough to have to use a gun, the fucker is going down.

My expertise in karate, tai kwon do, judo, and seven other dangerous words. :wink:

I have large piles of very stinky, unwashed clothes lying about. Keeps intruders away.

And guests, friends, relatives, raccoons… but not those Jehovah’s Witnesses, although they wear noseplugs. Looks like I’m gonna have to buy a gun after all to deal with 'em…

(Ah, don’t worry, I’ll just fire warning shots… until they start coming with earplugs.)