Intruder in the house - Life or death- What firearm do you want at the bedside?

Gun aficionado (or whatever self defense system you use) wankery aside, if it comes down to the nitty gritty, and there’s an intruder in your house/apartment what do you want in in your hand?

A gun would be the most effective deterrent–although I wouldn’t want to own one permanently–but maybe also a handheld alarm, an air horn. Something really, really loud.

Where is he, and where are you?

The first thing to use is a telephone with 911 on speed dial.

If he wakes you up in bed with a gun pointed at you, unless you habitually sleep with a shotgun between your legs, you might be out of luck.

I guess my point is that there’s a pretty broad range of situations and answers.

A bat’leth.

Dunno, probably either a small handgun, but not having really fired one before that would hopefully just be for threatening someone. If someone attacked me I’d be more comfortable with something light enough to be wielded one-handed. I haven’t worked with bladed weapons enough to feel comfortable with those, so a baton, or a couple of rattan sticks most likely.

BTW, is an iIntruder something new from Apple? And more iimportantly, can iI d/l mp3s with iit?

Easy answer: A shotgun. 12-gauge, pump-action, short-barrel.

The sound of a shell being pumped into the chamber would be enough to frighten off many intruders. If not, and you have to use it, it is easy to aim, will provide plenty of stopping power at short range, and any shot that doesn’t hit the intruder is less likely than a rifle slug to travel through a wall or door and possibly harm a family member in another room.

Me – I want an system. The first charge blows off the building over the bed, the second charge launches the bed like an ejection seat, complete with parachute.

There’s a condo on the floor above me… too bad for her if she’s in the wrong place. :smiley:

Got a S&W .357 right by the bed. I load 6, not 5, and they’re hollowpoints.


Sawed-off 12 ga with pistol grip. 00 shot
How many laws does that break where you live?
I’ll deal with the law AFTER the shooting stops.
Unless you are very good and calm (which not many of us are) in such situations, a pistol is going to be too hard to aim with shaky hands. A shoulder-stock shotgun is hard to handle - raising it to your shoulder is not an easy, natural move, and shooting one from hip level is iffy at best.

In my hand ready to go? The back of the shirt of the Homeland Agent that is going to do all the shooting protecting me and taking all the heat from doing so. In my right hand, an 18.5" Remington 850 shot gun with shortened grip and 00 - #4 shot alternately loaded.


You guys are thinking too small. I have a Doomsday Device at the ready when I sleep. Of course, I also have a small plaque outside my apartment door which read “Beware of Doomsday Device”. After all, what good is a Doomsday Device, if nobody knows you’ve got one?

None, thanks.

I figure he’s either going to shoot me or he isn’t. Having my own weapon probably won’t change that.

any shotgun that is legal to own normally is too long to be used in a home defense situation. Yes the sound is scary, and a lot of bad guys will run but some will hide and if they get right up on you before you see them there is too much for them to grab on to and deflect while they do bad things to you. I’ve searched a lot of vacant junkie infested apartment buildings with a shotgun and it’s dangerous even for someone who practices it. Out in the open it’s a great weapon, in a tight hallway with lots of doors it’s just too long.

A phone to call 911 is great if the guy who breaks in announces “Hey, I’m a serial killer, not just something you thought you heard half asleep” but in other cases where you think you heard something it’s good to be able to go investigate.

A .40 cal semi auto held close in to the body while exploring is your best bet. If someone gets right up on you, you can still get the barrel pointed towards them (as long as you don’t have the gun out starsky and hutch style at full arms length. If they are across the room then you have a little more time to extend out and aim. I keep a .38 Spl loaded with mag safe and a Berreta 96 40 cal, also loaded with mag safe in my headboard.

M1911A1, with MagSafe frangible ammo.

If I can’t have a lightsaber, I’d like to have a shotgun. They’re more intimidating than pistols, and you don’t have to be a very good shot to knock them down. If not a shotgun, a taser would be pretty good stopping power.

All of those are probably about as effective as a baseball bat, though. At least in my hands, considering I wouldn’t even know which end of the gun to point at the bad guy.

a phone, a baseball bat, a bog dog, pepperspray and an airhorn.

Not so.

The prosecutor might try to nail you to the wall for using an NFA weapon to kill an intruder, but you have to be alive to be prosecuted.

As for me, I’m a handgun man, I’ll stick with my SIG P239 loaded with 125-grain Hydra-Shoks. It’s what I happen to be most comfortable and familiar with. Of course, any of my other handguns would be fine as well, but that is my favorite.

I am totally against it, but I am not oblivious…

A sawed off pump 12 gauge, or a 1911 .45.

I did say normally. good luck getting the transfer of one of those approved in a lot of places.

Mind you, Any gun is better than nothing. I once held a burgler at gunpoint with a berreta 25 auto that one of my roomates bought for his girlfriend. It may have been anemic, but the guy stopped what he was doing and waited for the police.

Often a gun is the least violent solution. Nobody had to get bit by a dog, hit with a bat, or pepper sprayed.

I’m sure we’ve had this discussion before. If you feel you need a gun, it should fit you physically, you have to obey all the safety rules all the time, and practice practice practice. You have to be able to handle it in your sleep (or when groggily awake).

Rather than a 12 gage shotgun; a previous thought was a 20 gage. Lighter and marginally smaller for in-house handling.

Other factors: Children? Pets? Single family home? Space to neighbors?

I’d also like a button that sets off a big ass siren (siren not in bedroom:)). Bad guys/gals don’t like that noise