Poll: Would you give up the sex to someone who payed your SDMB subscription?

Just wondering :slight_smile:

Let’s see, that’d be $4.95 annually to give up the sex…that’s ALOT less than the BF is paying - lol! He also has erectile dysfunction issues currently, so maybe I’ll send him your question as an option for meeting my “special needs” and see what he has to say about it! :rolleyes:

LOL! :smiley:


P.S. It’d help if we could somehow create a receipt, for tax purposes; he’s all about the write-off right now. lol!

where’s the ‘hair standing on end, screaming’ smiley when you need it??? :eek:

for the record, jes so’s y’all knows, as it were:

i, Lachesis, after making voluntary offer of forwarding SDMB membership fees to Dopers (hereafter referred to as “associates”) lacking the requisite electronic means of access, do hereby firmly and politely decline any and all endebtedness (perceived or implied) on the part of any associates which may consist of an obligation for intimate physical contact, either passive or aggressive in nature, in return for the forwarding of their funds to the SDMB insuring their continued membership. this shall also apply to any possible future offers to assist associates in the payment of said membership fees in the event they find themselves to be financially unable to meet said requirements.
thank you.

can i get a witness, or two? please? a Notary wouldn’t be taken amiss, either.

I wouldn’t give up picking my nose, let alone sex, before I would pay for an Internet bulletin board. You have to be a plant for SDMB …

Swing, I may be misunderstanding you, but you may misunderstanding Bippy. Not “give up” as in “quit” - - “give up” the sex as in, sex to be used as a return favor for someone paying for your subscription. lol!

Anyway - I now don’t have to consider your offer Bippy - sorry! See new sig - and thread in MPSIMS if you like. I have a benefactor!! (Who does not require sexual favors in return, thankfully! lol! I love them…but not in THAT way! Besides…they’ll be living in Australia together soon and I live in Florida. hee hee! Talk about long distance lovin’! lol!)

Yogini :smiley:

to the OP:

  1. Are you asking if I would have sex with someone if they paid my $4.95 fee?

  2. Or are you asking if I would give up sex if someone paid my membership fee?

I was filtching this thread’s title http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=245697in the hope that enough would have read that thread to understand the joke implied by this thread. The other thread was about whether someone would have sex with the preson who saved their life, even if they didn’t find that person sexually attractive. This was just here as a humour attempt, playing against the sometimes sanctemonious messages going around by people paying for other users to remain on the board.
P.S. I’d probably have sex with someone who payed me $5.00 provided they are at least mostly human :wink:

You betcha. Tonight even. Maybe a couple of more times this weekend. Maybe even give him road head.

of course, my husband is paying my way, the pay pal account we have set up takes money out of his checking account.

Yeah, that reminds me. I’m going to be a few hours late picking you up tonight. I’m stuck at work. Don’t eat all the Altoids before I get there.

“…road head.”

That made me lol!


Oh, Snoopyfan knows she can get it from me, any way she wants it, anytime, anyplace.

If prostitution wasn’t illegal and they weren’t fat, vile, or male.

I can think of quite a few SDMBers I’d gleefully have sex with.

What were they supposed to be doing for me, again?

… probably not. As kind as the offer is, I won’t be givin’ up the goods to mrklutz who has declared himself my sponsor buddy. Anyway, he didn’t imply, suggest, coerce, or threaten me with “favors” of any sort. He is a gentleman. Thank you, mrklutz!

Ya know Master Wang-ka I’ve always been intriqued by the wang portion of your user name. It would be a shame not seeing you post anymore. Perhaps I could help you out with your user fee?

What? I don’t need to pay to ka the wang?

Man I love the SDMB

whats this subscription, i missed the deal, this place is no longer free ?

never mind, i found the info.

absolutely… but then, I’m easy…

You can’t go around teasing people like this, dear.

If a Doperette were to surrender to me I might well be interested in funding her… :smiley: