Who should the SDMB pay to stay?

There’s a good chance I won’t be parting with my 5 spot to keep lurking here. I figured I should at least start one thread, so I thought this was a good idea. Folks come to the SDMB to read the thoughts of others. I’ve been here a couple years and have come to look forward to certain posters. I think most folks would agree that the SDMB wouldn’t be the same without a few of the regulars. Who do you think should be paid, or at least have their fees waived because of their input?

Only the mods and admins, for rather obvious reasons.

I’m assuming this is a lighthearted tribute. In real life, I don’t think anyone should be paid to stay. However…

Eve. Her vast knowledge of film history and her ability to calmly explain about transsexualism is well balanced by her charming, Dorothy Parker-esque personality.

Rue DeDay. What would the Dope be without his Monday Morning Posts?

And all the people listed below.


Me! Me! Pick me!


That really neato prison doctor guy whose name is escaping me.

Hell, Badge should be payed to stay, that ask the cop thread is one of the best.

Lieu. He cracks me up. And countless others who have amused and entertained me for years.

Q.E.D., natch.

Una Persson (if anyone can remember who she was or is) :wink:

Every one who started a thread above this one.

Experts who actually know their shit and can answer some of the most spectacular questions in GQ.

I think those of us who were on the board when it was on AOL.

Can’t think of anyone that they should pay to stay, but I can think of a few they should pay to leave! :slight_smile:

You couldn’t pay ME enough to STAY here if I had to have AOL to be here!

Which would be truly unfortunate, Master Wang Ka, as you were the first name that sprang to my mind. I still break out in giggles every time I think of the attack water bed…
NoClueBoy & Lobsang. I’m hereby offering to pay their subscriptions myself.

Hands down … Chronos!

I agree …

Mangetout, just to keep this thread alive: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=242804&page=3

Eutychus, who is going through a hard time right now.

lieu who is a SDMB treasure.

Just to throw out three off the top of my head: tom~, biggirl, torgo.

FisherQueen said,

Definitely a lighthearted tribute. Anyway, I guess I should add my own.

Squink for having a comment about every post (all 2 or 3 of them) I’ve made about chemistry.

Thanks for participating!