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Go OpalCat!
Hm. From the looks of the poll, we need more Christians clicking on the above link.

I hate to betray my ignorance, but could someone explain to me (in easy to understand terms; it’s early yet) just what a Secular Humanist is?
I’d surely appreciate it.

I know I could do a search, but that would take away from my valuable SDMB time on-line.

Secular Humanism? More commonly known as Humanism, the Secular is tacked on to distinguish it from those who incorporate humanist values as part of a religious tradition.
There are various manifestos online, but overall they largely agree.
Infidels.org covers its evolution.
http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/nontheism/secularhumanism/ is the URL for the full Secular Humanism section.
(and of course, I’d like to plug my own particular interest. http://www.campusfreethought.org)

BTW, we aren’t getting quite the views we need to do a proper vote. Possibly the thread title is not clear about this being an attempt at quantifying the other religion thread responses.
OpalCat, would you mind if I posted the link in new thread with a more blatant title?

go ahead, you can also post the link in the existing poll threads.

So what’s the difference between a Humanist and an Agnostic?

A humanist believes in Humanism; an ag don’t know what he/she believe in. Got Kyber’s message in my thread and polled on (boy that poll load slow!) as “Other”, rather than as a Taoist as I describe myself there, because lumping Taoist with Buddhist suggests that one is oriental/traditional religious, and I’m just a Texas irish mongrel Godfan with irreverence for all traditions. Poetry is the true religion.

drunk and in need

[li]I would add to Kyberneticist’s list of links the Council for Secular Humanism. (And here’s a corrected link to the Campus Freethought Alliance.)[/li][li]Biggirl, that’s a good question. Especially since the poll specifies Secular Humanist, which tends to imply atheism/agnosticism in a way which a plain “Humanist” doesn’t, or at least not as strongly. Also, there’s no category for the Unitarian Universalists. Rather than splitting out Secular Humanists from atheists/agnostics, it might have been better to have a category for Unitarians/Deists/Religious Humanists, and lump the more militantly godless Humanists like myself in with the plain old atheists.[/li][li]I guess a “Hi, Opal!” is sort of redundant here, isn’t it?[/li][li]Splitting out “Mormons” from “Christians” could be controversial (especially with no separate categories for Protestant and Catholic). I mean, a case could be made for doing that, but that’s a whole Great Debate in and of itself; at any rate, Mormons still invariably self-idenfity as Christians, however heretical other Christians may deem their beliefs to be (and however heretical Mormons may believe the rest of the Christians are).[/li][/ol]

Thanks for correcting the URL. I should have read RFC2396 more carefully. :slight_smile:


Well apparently putting Christian/Catholic together upset some people, so putting Mormon with them (which I considered doing but decided against) would have gotten me hanged.

I also wanted to note that the poll program only allows 10 choices, which is why I put Buddhist and Taoist together… I know they aren’t the same, but I wanted to list as many as I could and I only had 10 slots to do it in.

I don’t believe in God, but I go to church because most of my friends do.

If a poll thread falls onto the second page and no one can see it, are you still allowed to vote?

That’s either Buddhist/Taoist or a load of drivel.


Im starting my own religion–TReichenology. (If the Scientology people can do it and not have to pay taxes I see no reason I shouldnt be able to)

There are essentially 5 tenets of this faith:

  1. There is a higher power than man (The egoist in me says to add that it is me, but Im trying to recruit people here)
  2. Politics is the Devil. (ALL POLITICS–Not just GOP or Dem or if you are in MN, “The Body”–but also Sexual politics, office politics and any other way you try to advance in life)
  3. Nothing in life is inherently good or bad (aside from the aforementioned politics)
  4. There is no purpose in life aside from living
  5. Keeping in tradition of all other religions, a donation must be made each week to further the cause of Treichenology abroad.

Let me know what you think. Should the US GOV give me a tax exemption?

The error in “Christian/Catholic” is not in classing Christian and Catholic together, but the slash implies that Catholic is not really the same as Christian. In other words, only Protestants are really Christian. That opinion is only held be certain extremist Protestant fundies. And I say it bites monkey dick.

If you simply say “Christian,” that covers everyone: Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, Catholic, and what have you, without implying that some don’t really belong.