Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex dies.

Just saw this.

Not much to say, apart from that I thought some people might like to know this, and that I am sad.

ETA I am also stupid, and can’t spell Poly Styrene :frowning:

Bah, that is sad.

Time to get onto iTunes and buy :- Oh Bondage Up Yours!

Here’s a live performance of Oh Bondage, Up Yours!. The opening “Some people say” is missing, butother than that it’s a great video.

Sorry to hear this.

Damn! Literally just bought her new album before reading this.

I heard this when I got into work this morning, and it’s hitting me harder than I would have thought. Punk would have sounded and looked very different without Poly and the rest of the X-Ray Spex.


I feel old.

Sad news indeed. 53 is too young.

This has been a bad month for iconic British females. Dr. Who’s Elizabeth Sladen also passed away from cancer.


:frowning: One of my favorites.

Wow. They had a profile of her on NPR yesterday. I didn’t realise she had died.
ETA: Oh, Bondage! Up Yours! is on my iTunes, and pops up with some frequency on my iPod.


I felt old when Lux Interior died. I didn’t know he was so old.

So sad.

She was indeed too young and will be missed.

Her phobia is infection
She needs one to survive
It’s her built-in protection
Without fear she’d give up and die

Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye.

From what I can gather, she’d probably died by the time you heard the profile but it hadn’t been announced. It was weird- the NPR segment ended with a something like “her North American tour is sadly delayed due to her treatment for breast cancer,” and then I woke up this morning hearing a death notice for her on NPR.

Right, I remember them saying that.

They had an addendum tonight, where they announced her death.

Germ Free Adolescents was such a seminal punk album. R.I.P., Poly. :frowning: