Poop scenes in movies.

I was watching the lovely and highly forgettable Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. There is a scene where she is the passenger in the car and they are stuck in traffic and all the food she over ate at a tennis place is now hitting her hard. Hilarity ensues.

It strikes me as funny as I cannot think of another movie where an actual bodily function like that is portrayed in a somewhat realistic ( or even unrealistic) manner.
I know Dopers and their love of Scatology will not let me down.

There’s the scene in Dumb And Dumber where the one guy takes a massive dump and then realizes the toilet is broken and doesn’t flush.

Not Another Teen Movie has a pooping scene.

Perhaps you are forgetting the bathroom scene in the New American Classic White Chicks.

You know, I haven’t seen any of those movies.
Clearly, I am missing out.

Divine ate a dog turd in Pink Flamingos.

Harold and Kumar has a scene similar to Not Another Teen Movie’s.

In Robert Altman’s Ready to Wear, everyone kept stepping in dog crap.

Wasn’t there a poop scene in one of the Lethal Weapon movies?

In the case of Not Another Teen Movie, indeed you are. The relevant poop scene is probably the worst in the movie. The rest is an inspired parody of any number of 80s and 90s guilty pleasure teen movies (but primarily She’s All That), with some great cameos and funny (but thoroughly uncouth) jokes. And you can pick it up at your local Target for $5.50 on their discount movie rack (I just bought a copy last week).

scary Movie 3 has a horse pooping scene during the “Signs” parody.

AArdman animation (Wallace and Grommit!) short Creature Comforts has animated animal pooping.

Hooper has a horse defecating in a car.

Creature Comforts is fun. That reminds me: There was a Levi’s commercial where two pigeons evacuate their cloacas just before being turned into roasts by a pair of Levi’s being used as a ‘flying fox’.

AFAIK, Pink Flamingos is the only film ever to show someone actually eating real feces.

Well, if animal poop counts, I can never see Herzog’s Nosferatu without noticing that pig that drops a big turd as he trundles out of the frame. I think a horse also drops one on camera earlier in the film, but that pig is somehow more conspicuous.

There were several with Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movies IIRC. :stuck_out_tongue:


No mentions of Austin Powers?

“Who does Number Two work for?”
“Attaboy! You show that turd who’s boss!”

The Stoned Age has a scene of a guy and a girl sitting around on a couch, smoking pot and flirting, when all of the sudden the girl says “I gotta take a dump”, and gets up to go do just that.

Kingpin has a scene with an old woman pooping after sex.

In Anchorman, a disgraced Ron Burgundy is forced to eat cat poop.

Me, Myself and Irene has Jim Carey pulling his pants down, and squatting over his neighbor’s lawn with newspaper in hand; cut away to a thick swirl of chocolate ice cream being oozed into a cup.

***Train Spotting *** I think it was, with the heroin suppository and the nasty commode.

“Fun with Dick and Jane” has a shot of Jane Fonda on the can.

How can Bill Murray in Caddyshack not be mentioned until now? I’ve always wondered what that scene did to the sales of Baby Ruth candy bars.