Whose dick have you seen?

Because my family is strange, we were discussing dicks on actors we have seen. I mention that the first dick I ever saw in the movies was Robert Logggia’s in An Officer and a Gentleman. I walk down the stairs click on the internet and find out Robert died today. How weird is that? I can’t remember the last time I mentioned his name and here he is-- dick exposed and dead.

In remembrance of good ole Robert’s pee stick, please tell me whose dick has made an appearance in movies. My list:
Of course Robert Loggia in An Officer and a Gentleman
Kevin Bacon in Wild Things
Richard Gere in American Gigolo
Jason Segal in Forgetting Sarah Silverman
Jayne Davidson in The Crying Game
Harvey Kietel in every movie he’s been in.

Seems a short list considering how much pootang has graced the big screen. What’s your dick list?

Without giving it any thought the 3 that came immediately to mind

Alfie Allen on Game of Thrones
Bob Hoskins in Mrs Henderson Presents
Alexander Armstrong on the Armstrong and Miller Show


Julian Sand, Simon Callow & Rupert Graves -A Room with a View
Peter Gallagher -Summer Lovers
Steven Weber -Single White Female
Michael Vartan -One Hour Photo
Richard Gere -American Gigolo
Kevin Bacon -Wind Things
Heath Ledger -Brokeback Mountain
Mark Ruffalo -In the Cut
Harvey Keitel -The Piano
Robert Loggia -An Officer and a Gentleman

I’m sure there are more but I do not know where to find a list of all the FFMN films

Oh course I do not recall the names of all the porn movies I’ve seen.:smiley:

Bruce Willis in Color of Night and, briefly, in Pulp Fiction.
Ewen McGregor
Michael Fassbender

Can’t remember which movies for those two, though.

I’ve seen Pulp Fiction but I do not remember Bruce’s dick. Not that I doubt it was there, only that I don’t remember it. I wonder how it feels having an unmemorable dick.

Earliest I can remember was when I saw the Burt Reynolds football comedy Semi-Tough on HBO as a kid around 1980 or so. Nobody famous, just some frontally naked extras in the background of the locker room scene at the beginning. You did see a then unknown Brian Dennehy’s butt, but not his dick…

Cillian Murphy - 28 Days Later
M.C. Gainey - Sideways
Graham Chapman - Life of Brian

I always thought it was Poontang.

Come to find out they’re both accepted useage.

Ignorance fought. :smiley:

Also do not remember Bruce Willis’s ding dong in Pulp Fiction. I do remember whoever played Doc Manhattan in The Watchman showing everything he had. So there’s another.

Ewan McGregor? The Pillow Book. Accidentally put it on back in the day and it was a huge shock.

I have not seen it, but I think Fassbender is in Shame.

Kyle MacLachlan in Blue Velvet.

And Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later

Max Riemelt’s in Sense8 (but it might have been CGI)

Ewan McGregor - Velvet Goldmine
Johnathan Rhys Myers - The Governess
Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel - The Dreamers
Malcom McDowell - A Clockwork Orange and If
Marco Dapper - Eating Out 2
Various extras in Caligila

Huey Lewis, in “Short Cuts” (lucky me, I got to see him piss on a dead girl)

French movie star Alain Delon. Not sure which movie, maybe Le Samourai?

There are literally hundreds of them in “Schindler’s List”, but not for entertainment purposes.

Eh, you get used to it.

Doc Manhattan’s blueballs were CGI. Billy Crudup didn’t let his schmecky out for the film.

With Pulp Fiction, it’s when Bruce Willis is getting out of the shower in the hotel room with Fabienne. You see his ass, then he turns as he goes to sit down on the closed toilet seat (getting dressed, maybe? Been a while since I’ve watched it), there’s a brief second of Ashton hanging in the breeze.

Meh, all of these swinging dicks had an exposure time of mere seconds, requiring stopping video and zooming in to see the awesome forbidden organs. Big deal. There was some anonymous vampire victim full frontal tied to a table or some such on ‘True Blood’ on one season, no big deal But unusual that the poor guy was laid out for all the world to observe.

Old punchline… “Yeah, but whose?”